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The Bus Driver

Your a bus driver.
At the first stop, eight people get on.
At the second stop, 4 people get on and 5 people get off.
At the third stop, 1 person gets on and 3 get off.
At the fourth stop, 12 people get on and 7 people get off.
At the final stop nobody gets on and 10 people get off.

Question: What is the bus drivers first name?


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I do know I am late on this matter, however, what has more space the bus or the BLOG. And how many buses are there?


Ok I'm totally stumped on that bellboy/businessman one. So what's the answer? Where did the other $1 go? I know it's got to be something easy that's going to make me feel like an idiot, but this is driving me crazy!!


took me a min to get my brain working ,lol. I have one for you. Three businessmen go to a hotel to check in . The desk clerk says the room is $30. Each man pays $10. A while later the clerk finds out he quoted the wrong price and called the bellboy over . He tell the bellboy to go to the room of the businessmen and return $5 he had over charged the men , that the room was only $25. On the way the bellboy thought that 3 doen not divide into 5 evenly so he took $2 , he returned a $1 to each man . So each man paid $9 for the room and the $2 the bellboy took adds up to $29. Where is the other $1.


I went to a catholic elementary school and that joke went around in the 60's. Give me a break!!!!

Holly C.:

Oh James...I agree with most everyone else. You pleased us with a riddle and some had fun while obviously, some seem to have their thumbs elsewhere. Okay, now figure that one out! Thanks James, ignore the crabby people! :o)


All who posted regarding grammatical errors as being superfluous are right, in a sense. It is only a mere riddle. But, IMHO, we must point these things out. The dumbing-down of America is accelerating at an alarming pace. Grammar and spelling are most basic (or should be) to our culture.


come on guys its a joke. lets have a sense of humor here and just enjoy the joke. we all know that this is put here to lighten our day not critique the joke. the bus driver's name in my case would be lucien

Mary Haught:

I thought it was cute, but I was sooooo confused I forgot my name, lol have a great evening, keep the smiles coming. Thanks.:}


hahaha, thank you for all of the good, and bad comments.

Yes, *I* did tipe it

I spent literally 2 minutes on it.

but whatever. im glad most of you liked the joke.


In the beginning it says, "Your" a bus driver. How hard is it to figure out that your the bus driver. Also, your the only one left on the bus.


It saddens me to see that instead of just going with the fact that it is a joke, people took the time to become a teacher and point out all of the flaws. Lighten up! It is a joke.....
And the driver in my case, would be Rhonda!

poor james! some days i feel SO sorry for you!
all these whining jackasses that can't resist expounding on other people's oversights and spend all that time pointing out a miserable little grammatical error. give me a BREAK!!!
i'll bet you feel like someone kicked sand in your face; you're just trying to make someone smile, after all.
well, i thought it was cute-
so i hope all those crybabies dry up!
sapheads! it was a JOKE!!!


Oh what fun it is to ride...


Oh what fun it is to ride...


It amazes me that so many of you miss the point of the joke being fun and instead are correcting the use of English and spelling. Lighten up!


I would know the answer if all the words were correctly spelled!!!

Michelle Crowder:

In proper English, the numbers 1-10 should be spelled out as such: one, two, three, etc., and any number above ten may or may not be spelled or written as is: 11, 12 13, or eleven, twelve, thirteen. Of course, times have changed, and the English language has changed with the times. You USED to have to say 'you and I', now it is also proper English to say 'you and me'. So, given the changes in the language, written and spoken, and while you are correct about the you're, or you are, cut James a break here, or whomever wrote the joke. You full well knew what the writer meant, and this is, after all, just a blog. KWIM? And, it is JMHO!



if it is my bus im DRIVING and not a passenger on The bus drivers name is Terri.



But make sure to have big metal bars around your house if you live on the corner, and i'm turning :)


If I wanted to put the right answer down it would be Minnie is the bus Drivier, but I also had a thought the bus driver is a russian named Youra...He immigrated yrs ago and needed a job.


Well....it says I'm a bus driver, but it didn't say if I was driving this bus or not...so I would say from the evidence presented, we cannot determine who was actually driving the bus.
My only question is...were we all on "The Short Bus"?


The bus driver name is Anna! Right?


the word is you're NOT your


The first statement stated "your the bus driver", so the driver's name is Cindy.


The bus driver is ME.

Edward Stoltz:

Zero. I think, but that's a wild guess. I doubt this was on a mensa test. It has two very obvious grammatical errors. 1. "Your" should be "you are" or "you're". The second is a very simple rule;you either print out the numbers - "one" or just use the number "1": you must stay in in the same group. I still don't know whether I solved the puzzle or not. It sure doesn't feel like it...


first of all, am I a passenger on this bus or am I actually driving this bus. this point is unclear if you read it correctly! to correct, it would read, "At YOUR first stop"


The driver's name is Thom. This question was also on a Mensa exam (probably still is).

Shashan, your last name struck me funny (Ralph Kramden AKA Jackie Gleason). When he died in 1987, he actually listed his name at the hospital as Ralph Kramden and got a regular ward (not a VIP room). Nobody knew the he was actually Jackie Gleason because on his final days, he looked nothing like himself.

I actually remember when I worked at that hospital (Florida Medical Center) delivering his food tray chuckling at his name on his dinner menu.

P.S. James, there's a useless fact for ya! =D


the drivers name is shashan kramden.

Shellie Wetricik:

Shellie,cause im the bus driver


How about "Zero" ?

Paula Fox:

Mizz Foxx would be the driver, but that was a good one.

Wayne Federline:

OK, I missed the bus???


That would be"Wendy",lol.But a warning to those who'd be on"my"bus,i don't know how to drive.I can't wait to see how many people answer this one(without reading the comments first)

Tanya Walker:

DUH.... *smilez*

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