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This is just a heartwarming story.

Autistic Basketball Player - Inspirational

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well, this was just Beautiful!! brought teras to my eyes!! Would love to see this kind of news everyday!! Thanks for posting!!


What a great video! I work with special needs kids and it is SO wonderful to see that more and more people are seeing that they deserve more than being "the kids in the classroom at the end of the hall"!! They are "different" for a reason....they teach US what is really important in this life!

Thanks James!

What a positive video. Thanks James for posting.
Jason was different alright, in many ways. Basketball is my favorite - would love to have been there to routed him on, hugged him at end.

This is a wonderful video very touching.An autistic guy with talent:)


I love this story. The best thing to me is not only the unbelievable talent that Jason had, but before his talent was shown he was a part of the team! Not only by the coach, but the students.


The video itself was wonderful, but i don't know what the problem was with the audio feed. There were audio feeds that must have overlapped, because it sounded like what I heard out of one speaker wascoming out of the other a few seconds later. It made fooowing the story really difficult.

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