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Don't Shoot Your Eye Out!

I scored 7,468,185
I have no idea!! Alright, I take that back. I went on some kind of weird streak and the game started going crazy on me.

ehh, its worth about 5 minutes of fun.



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Jimmy Hoffa:

Yeah, but.... try to go to the game today and I find a bunch of other games from officemax, but not ...eye out! What's up with that?!


well i got a score of 688943, not bad for the first time.


oops! forgot to put my name on that one!! I want credit for that!


9,717,938---seems that if you aim somewhere between the 2 trees at the very top of the screen is where it goes nuts!!!


HaHa I beat you!!!


That was funny and I didnt shoot My eye out,well in the first game anyway.Game 2 well I said ow a couple of times.fun while it lasted.


This game is funny; it seems like a Redneck came up with it though - "Let's see how many times the bullet will bounce off the trees before it hits us!"

john walsh:

great fun,keep it on

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