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The Mood Surfer

Pick how your feeling right now and then get taken to a random website.
Pretty cool.
If you get taken to a cool site, leave a comment below and let us know about it!



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i put in pathetic and it showed me a site on how to do thing it was really a good site i love it,

Tony Misner:

Im broke and lost.


Just do the one for spaced out mood, its long but its very interesting!



I clicked weird and it took me to "Patently Silly The Humor of Invention". I love stuff like this! I giggled for hours. Thanks for the link! Now when I'm feeling moody I know where to go. LOL!


this was pretty cool if you want to hang-out on your computer but not sure what you want to do!

I am feeling very crazy and it took my to this iste about sexy cars ??

Michelle Crowder:

I put in poor, which is how I feel sometimes, and it took me to the Fannie Mae 'homeless help' website. SAD, I am NOT homeless...of course I am not poor either, just feel that way because my bills are due!

Went to "bored". Keep Clicking...


I went to sleepy and it told me all about sleep and dreaming. Made me want to go back to bed.LOL

Mary Haught:

clicked on old and the the first time it took me too plan 59.com} I think it is like a retro shopping site looked pretty interesting it too me to several others too a different one each time I clicked on it using old lol Take care Thanks.


LOL,,,,,,,,that was cute. It took me to: Corporate Gibberish. Put in company name, funny.......Was feeling....unmotivated!!!


Ok,now i'm hurting from the laughter.The website i went to was so funny and cute.A warning though,there is some bad language on some of the captions in there.It's called"mycathatesyoudotcom"and it has the funniest cat pictures with captions(language might be to strong for some,don't let kids go there)and it has a blog and other things too.I'll be going there a lot cause it'll lift your mood so fast.


I chose"emotionally lost"and hit enter and it came up"web page cannot be displayed",that is the story of my life right now,lol.I guess life does imitate art.Feeling lost and finding nothing,classic.My mood will change again in the next few minutes and i'll try the thing again,lol.

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