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The Bartending Scam

This is an interesting one!


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Both of my sisters have worked as bartenders and there are so many things customers don't know.They were taught some tricks to use to scam the customers.My sisters found out though you'll make far less in tips when your customers aren't tipsy and feeling good and generous.So they just served the drinks as there meant to be and the tips flowed in.

Mike P:

i have a good one=go to a bar and find someone who has had a few drinks=you hold out in your hand two nickles=ask the guy what do you see=he will say two nickles=and you say to him=i see two pennys and if iam wrong you buy me a drink=he will say ok=then you say to him i was wrong :o)

Robin Loechner:

very interesting...
solution: drink beer from a bottle...lol...this reminds me of a friend i had that used to drink WAY too much when we'd go out...she drank vodka and cranberry juice...we would wait until she got just tipsy enough, and then we would get her straight cranberry juice for the rest of the night...she couldn't tell the difference, and we didn't have to carry her home.lol every night

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