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So, If You Were A Redneck....

Redneck Name

Your Redneck Name is
Bubba Pigpusher
Get Your Redneck Name at Quizopolis.com


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momma p:

HOORAY!!! My dreams are coming true...I am going to die at 64 during MY Brain transplant surgery!!!!

Mama Houston here LOL.


Ya know, y'all, this was just so dang much fun, I'm thinkin about takin on this name for real. Tami Lee Tucker sounds pretty darn good.


clementine pigpusher

pamela andrews:

looking for redneck name

Jannie Hanagriff:

Sue-Ellen Pigpusher


uh oh are we related ? LOL


Sue Ellen Cornhauler was my maiden name.
Now, I'm Sue Ellen Tucker.


Bobby-Sue Cornhauler...I think I might have it legally changed. :-)


Ellie-May Pigpusher here.Look at that James or should I say Bubba we are related.Must be my 3rd cousin once removed lol.


Anita or should i say Clementine,i love that song,lol.It's called"ironic"and that line about the lottery and dying the next day after winning the lottery is in it.Hey,at least i get to meet Ryan Seacrest,heheh.


Oh, Wendy, I'm going to die at 49, in my sleep, the day after I win a $500 million lottery! I'm 39 now! I guess I'd better start planning my next/final 10 years! Oh, wasn't that part of that Alanis Morisette song?


Oh no,i did the quiz on there called"when will i die"and i'm going to die at the age of 91,in a freak accident involving Ryan Seacrest.I better cancel all my future auditions for American idol,lol.


My name sounds like a porn star,it's Dixie Beaver.No,i'm not making it up either,lol.I also lived in a town back home in Oregon called Beaverton.Hmm,interesting,lol.


Clementine Houston checking in, y'all!

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