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I've posted this one a while ago, but its so good, I have to post
it again.
Its basically a free phone number. You know, when filling out those
forms, use this number instead of your home number.
Whoever calls it will leave a voice mail message and it will
forward to your email address, where you can play the .wav file
and decide to call them back or simply delete it.



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This is great. I have always just given a made up number.

The security code is like your own password, just put in a number so you can access your account.


It asks for a security code..hummm? any help; please...hahahha tks.

I absolutely love this idea!! Thanks for rposting it for all us folks who have overlooked it before!! Yu are the greatest!

keith zrout:

i'm not here leave a message

Jacqui Savattere:

Hi you may leave a messege if you want but if you don't I won't know who called thank you


That's a good idea.It's like when someone asks for your phone number and you feel bad cause you don't want to give them your number(like at a bar or club,etc)and you pick random numbers and give it to them.Not that i've ever done that,lol.

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