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Who likes to play cards?

Here is an awesome trick anyone can do!
My kids are still freaking out on how I did it. hehehe


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Maria A.:

Wow!! This trick is awesome! I showed it to my sister I believed she was more amazed than me. She couldn't believe it, she had to try it 3 times.

Traci S.:

I have been doing this trick for years, it is really fun!

Tanya Walker:

I love this trick.... I am amzed by it an dhave been amazing everyone I can with it!!! LOL


Just a quick few word's for someone who say's"it's a nice site but there are a whole mess of them out there".That is so rude and then to post the address for another freebie site,dang!You probably run that other site you mention.As a loyal Just Free Stuff fan i've got to say i tried other freebie site's and most are phony or full of step offer's.This is the BEST site out there and i'm not the only one who think's so.Okay,there is my two cent's worth.Thank you James for all the thing's you do for us.


This is a nice site, but there are a whole mess of freebee sites out there. www.twistedbranches.com is one of the best I have ever seen


i absolutely love this trick! that's amazing!! i think that is sooooooooooo cool!


That was one amazing trick.

Teresa Mealer:

Hey James,
I just want to say I enjoy reading your useless facts each day.
However, today I especially wanted to thank you for listing the site for the Braille cards. You see, I have lost alot of my sight over the past year due to a rare disorder called PTC. This site put me in touch with some much needed help.
Thank you and God bless.
Terri Mealer from TN


I'll have to try this with my fifth grade students. They would love to be able to do that for mom and/or dad.


wow--will have to try that!!
Neat trick. I hope I can get it to work!
We are playing poker tonight!
Will let you all know how it goes.


This was such a cool "trick"!!

Has anyone tried it backwards? I decided to give it a try. You have to pick it all back up exactly the opposite of how you laid out all the cards. Then do the 8 cuts first with the back showing. Then, do 5 cuts with the face showing. They'll be back in their sets of 2's, 3's, etc. Then, lay them out one at a time into 4 piles, and the suits will go back together again...back to the way you began. Amazing!!!!

I'd love to hear the science behind this!!

Mike P:

i cant get it to work i tried 13 times and what are you doin in canada :o)

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