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Made The News!

This is a letter I got for a subscriber (and the link)

I think its pretty freaking awesome! hehe

Hi James,
just wanted to let you know that our local tv station ran a segment
on free stuff, they even showed the front page of your website.
you can go to : cbs13.com and look for the "Save With Dave"
then go to Great Free Samples.
it will show the video ect. i was excited to be on tv too.
i just thought you would be interested.

i really love your site and all the stuff i get too.

kathy johancen
sacramento, ca

Wow, that is awesome! Congrats to you!
And thank you for getting them to list my site! =)

Check it out.... (make sure you watch the video too)



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Laurie J:

Hi James just wanted to tell you I am very proud to belong to a very reputable site! You sure are getting some nice exposure!!

You know......

I have to find all of these places I was in and get them in order! =)

dusti rose:

very very cool way to go Kathy
wow James lol by the way you didnt forget us little people lol when you were on usa today or in the book and now the news very very cool


Now that your big time don't forget us little people James,lol.Congrats to Kathy also for her submitting the idea to the news show.

Wayne Federline:


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