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Just A Cool Pic

Click on it to get the full image.


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Thanks for sharing your photography with us members.The photo is breath taking.Comes right into our crazy climate role.Scary yet beautiful.I posted the link on my facebook I really would like to share this with my family and friends.Thanks James


Thank you for sharing! So beautiful :)

How can I forward that to people in an email without having to save it to my computer first and uploading it... or without posting a link?

Leeann Connors:

Yes I have come down to one of these monsters? We work out in the gulf Of Mexico on a commercial fish boat!! OMG!!!! Never again,. But I still keep my job??? Mother nature works in WICKED WAYS!!!!!

Amazing... although I hope I never come face to face with one like others have:(

Wayne Federline:

I'll never understand my brother, he lives in Tulsa, OK and he say's they sit on their patio at night and watch the tornado's roll up an down the street...


An awesome display of God's power, not only in nature, but in all life. Absolutely amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


That is so incredible!It's scarily beautiful(is scarily a word,lol)I hope i never see one of those up close in real life.

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