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Ok, here is your chance to ask ME a question. It can be anything within reason of course =)

Ask in the comments section and I will reply right under that.


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Hi there James...
I saved that card trick that you so graciously shared with us...but when I tried to open it from my favorites it said it was no longer able to open :-(
So, I'm hoping you or someone can send it to me or put it back in your newsletter?
Thank you for your attention!
Hugs 2

Tina Meckle:

hey James, you think like i do where george bush is concerned, personally i think he stole the election,but my question is,for all of the people who are trying to run for president,who do you like best,and why?


I really dont =(
My choice would probably be Al Gore, but he isnt running, or maybe Ron Paul.


Ronda Sue Galyean:

Hi i know you have a myspace page your on my friends list lol. so do you have a oomph.net page?


nope, sorry. Actually, i've never even been to that site, until now.



I have two questions. One is what is your favorite music era that you listen to...example I'm an 80's girl. Second you say that you dont have time to do the contests and I feel the same way but love to take a shot. Other than roboform which I use is there a speedier way to do this?
Thanks again for your great site.


1. You will not believe how many 80's cd and mp3's I have around here. so that should answer that =)
I graduated hs in 1988 btw. definitely my generation.

2. Gator is decent, but they include spyware. so thats why I never promote them.
& nope, roboform is the only one for the time being.



Thanks(as usual) for all the great freebies and contests. The 3 foot blow up shrimp had my brother -in-law laughing so hard we attached it to his car when he left to go back to Howard Beach in Queens NY! They all enjoyed the Back Bay and shrimp though! I like the idea of a get together that was brought up and isn't one of your friends the Celebrity Cafe Author and lives in LI? I'd be happy to play hostess - I'm up by Albany with a lake as part of the property, fire place and - got ya beat - 3 seriously pampered 120 lb dogs 4 if you count Dad according to our daughter - pampered that is. We've heard about kids, but what about your wife? What does she do? Is she a stay at home Mom? How old are the two of you(roughly)? Married long? And last but not least, any other animals besides the dogs? Seriously the offer stands about a get together and if ever interested in getting away form the Chicago heat and or loads of snow with the family email back! Thanks again for everything!


Thank you for the offer. I doubt it would work though =(

A guy named Dominic runs The Celebrity Cafe. I've never met him, and we have more of a "business" relationship.

Ahh, the wife question =)
we've been married almost 10 years now and she is in charge of placement and GED testing at one of the colleges in Chicago. And she is working on her Masters in education and biology.
So when everything is said and done, you'll know who will be supporting who. haha

the kids are 14 (daughter) and 7 (son).
or wait....my son will be 2 next year...see, he is a leap year baby =)

& nope, no other pets.
just possumms, racoons, snakes, and squirrels in the backyard, but the dogs chase them away.



If one of your good friends had a wild animal as a pet and have no license for it, would u turn them in to authorities or keep it quiet knowing they have no way to properly care for it? I need some advice here.


Or you can call animal services.
or talk to them first about it.



How come you put two and three step offers in your newsletters? There's no one I know that really thinks those are freebies. I enjoy ALL your other freebies but not those. I kind of think its a waste of space on your newsletter. But hey, maybe some people enjoy them.


there are people in this world who sign up for the newsletter thinking they are going to learn a trick or 2 on how to get that extra plasma tv off the back of a truck, or that dvd player that best buy is throwing out because its a model from 2 years ago.
They dont care about measly samples.
These are the ones who subscribe, find out its not what they want, and then unsubscribe the next day.

Those offers are meant towards them (and they click on them like crazy), as it covers the cost of sending the newsletter, hosting the website, etc.

Long time subscribers or savvy freebie hunters can EASILY identify these and avoid them.

And a second reason is some of them really do work.....
freepay.com (you have to complete an offer, and refer x amount of people to do the same). I've gotten a couple of things from them in the past.

And the ones from The Free Gift Club.....those work as well, although i've never done them myself.


debbie b:

hi..first of all, thank you for what may be the last freebie site that truly has freebies..it's a bit embarrassing to admit one is disabled and loves free things...also, the comments you made on bush, sorry, made me respect you more than ever...thank you for the site....

Ronda Sue Galyean:

Hi i love jfs and i tell people all the time to come here and get freebies. Heres my question. What is your favorite kind of pie? mine is cherry.


Lemon Merangue?


Mike P:

ok a real ? = what is your best beatle song that you like? :o)


Come Together - but I like the Aerosmith version better =)



Hi, i know you find some really great unusual facts. My son and I were talking last night about evesdropping (he was listening to me and his dad having a conversation and we didn't know he was there) , I was wondering if you know where that saying originated. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
Heather in GA


I know everything! =)

Nowadays, most houses have flat roofs. In the old days, most roofs were slanted. The "eaves" are the lower edges of the roof that project beyond the walls of the house; their purpose is to throw off the rainwater that falls on the roof. The "eavesdrop" was the word used to refer to the place around the house where the water from the eaves dripped.

An "eavesdropper" was therefore someone who stood in the eavesdrop area outside the house and listened to the conversations taking place inside. Nowadays, the word has come to mean listening secretly to someone's conversation. One needn't be outside the house to eavesdrop; it can be done from the inside as well



Hi James:
i never won anything here, but i guess i just need to keep smiling and positive. I just wanto to put a little sarcasm into my difficult life, here we go..Im a very ill person unfurtunatelly, with a rare disease, after my docs saw the diagnosis they told me as a joke i need to marry a rich man. Lol And after all i went through i recognized how important is health and how rich is someone who has health. But my life is dificult and reality for me is going to be easier finding a very rich one who can spoiled me sometimes. lol. Im a profesional, but need to make adjustments on my life....Now do u know a single rich man advertising himself? jaja, Tell him i look fine, im young, im a normal person as anybody.Its like Queen Latifa movie that she have short time to live. NOT everything in life is good i would be depressed, but i suffer enough so i keep a positive attitude is better. Maybe this sound like an oportunity for a free topic, I be able to send a pic, the funny part of these im determined to be or to find a rich boyfriend... lol so please send all single and looking to this lady.. thanks.


you know, I did see a guy advertising himself on a billboard in Texas. But that was a while ago...


Joseph Skidmore:

Hi James,
Just wanted you to know that within the last year I have won a 4G ipod nano from Best Western(instant win), $1000.00 (first place prize) from valuepak, a Stan Lee autographed comic and about 6 other smaller prizes by entering from your site, so thanks for all the work you do for us.
joe skidmore


Thats awesome! keep it up!


laurie minute:

hi james,

i also amoung hundreds of other people love your website. i have corresponded with you over the last year and what i like about you is that you actually answer our emails, at least you do for me.

now my question: how did you get so darn cute? you need to post another picture of yourself, perhaps plugging along on your computer setting us up with some wonderful freebies. gotta love this guy. do we all agree?

love, laurie


hahaha, i'll give you that $50 later! =)

this is the last gruesome shot I took on here.....




First--I have been getting 2 emals from you -- not a problem but can you remove one--I like you and all but 2?? Next can you give ;me the email for Makers Mark? Is it still up and going? Thanks.


Ok, duplicate email problem solved.

I want to touch on that real quick in case it affects others.

I use 2 lists to send the newsletter....
list "A" is the main one (topica)
and list "B" is the second one that goes out to everyone who had problems getting the newsletter from list A.

So if someone all of a sudden stops getting the newsletter, they go and subscribe inadvertantly to the second list. Then all of a sudden, they start getting it from list A again.

But its easy to fix.....just unsubscribe from one of them or let me know. Takes 5 seconds.

And here is the Maker's Mark site:

If you need their contact info, its at the bottom of their page.



Hi James,
First of all let me say thank you...I have received so many samples and lots of cool prizes over the year...the latest being a grand prize winner of the Hebrew National contest! My question is. why are some of the contests only listed in the emails...why is'nt everything listed on the contest page?



Thats an easy one =)

Some contests are sponsors and some are only a few prizes.
The contest page on my site is already huge. I try to only list the contests on there that have the most prizes (or the coolest prizes)


Hello to a great guy! Do you have any kids and what advice can you offer to a mommy of a 10 month old? THANKS BUNCHES!! :) :) :)


Thanks =)
2 kids. A 14 year old daughter and a 7 year old son.
And advice? haha, not from me.....im the dad who lets them do anything. Mom is the one that lays down the law!


Beth Rogers:

Hi James,
First off let me tell you that I have referred so many people to your site, I think you should start to throw some really good freebies my way.....lol. You must really be bored to set yourself for this kind of torment...Here's my question for you. Some time ago I think it was in March you had posted for us to check out Agloco. Which I did, and signed up,so how many of us actually signed up under your referral? Any idea? I just Love your site. You cant be beat..


Thank you!!

Its not really boredom. Im just creating the worlds biggest FAQ (frequently asked questions).
See how it goes....maybe people will get a better understanding of the freebie and contest world, or about me. But im not going to get tooooo personal now.

I have a couple of hundred referrals. but stopped promoting them only because there is that big if and when question.

when are they going to start paying?
How much?
How is the entire process laid out?

those questions and MANY others should have been answered when they released their little toolbar.
And the lack of communication all around from them.



Hi James,
Wow! Your income is a hot topic here. :o) I loved the TUF today. I homeschool my kids and we're doing a project on the states. The first fact for our research folder! Anyway, here's my question: What kind of misbehaving dogs do you have and did you order your "Scoopex"? I have a pug and although she doesn't "do" squares, she does do a "circle dance" before her business. :O)
I know, TMI. Sorry!


the answer is simple....not enough! =)

and I have a 90 pound yellow lab and a 5 pound cockapoo.
what a combination!


Dar Tangedahl:

Have you ever served on a jury?


Nope! Not yet.



I didn't see my question already there- what did you do before you started the site & newsletter? I have to let you know that I so love the site! I might not get there as often as I want but if I can sneak in a break from work I try to get there. I work at home & sometimes need the breaks!It is always a surprise getting the mail with all the freebies!
Thanks for all you do-


Lets see.......

I've had multiple jobs =)

was a tutor for the chicago board of education.

worked for a company called RGIS. A merchandise inventory company.


Chicago tribune.

and 18 years at O'hare (used to put water on all of the international flights.
Good job, but b.s. politics and pay.

so as you can see, i've had zero computer related training!



How about starting next year us having a yearly get together.We could have a big covered dish picknic in a park somewhere.It would be so cool to meet everyone.


will everyone come to Chicago? =)


ed schwarzmann:

Now that you've composted your first million, what do you plan to do with your second?

Don't you consider Bill Gates to be a poor relation?


no, see.......I couldnt even glue one dollar together. bah!



Re: Michelle Crowder's note on Congress passing a law to
allow a president three terms in office:

Congress can pass a "law" to that efect, but the Presidential term is set by a Constitutional Amendment which must be repealed in the "law" and ratified as an amendment by the states.

Since the ratification process can take seven years, Bush is highly unlikely to reap a benefit from the "law" she speaks of.


What is a two step offer?


Lets say you go to a website that is offering a FREE******
$1,000 visa card.
The first page is where they ask your zip code and email address. Then they tell you you must complete 4 gold offers, 3 bronze offers, and 2 silver offers.
Then they hit you with about 50 pages of yes/no boxes.

These are the type of offers that make freebie sites look really bad. But here is the kicker......
they pay x amount per email address or zip code that is submitted.

I run them, but not too many and not too often.
I'd rather run contests or pharmaceutical offers instead.

There is one that I know for a fact that is legit, and that is freepay.com

They want you to complete 1 offer (netflix, blockbuster, etc. and then refer x amount of people to do the same.
But they really do send the prizes.


Linda Brooks:

All my questions were already asked (ha!), so will offer a comment. Like everyone else,I love JFSD and am so glad you offer it to us. The atmosphere on the site is fun and personable as well as useful. I also appreciate the fact you take time to answer emails. Thanks a million for all you do!


Thank you!
I want to be here in 10 years. and the best way to accomplish that is by having "customer support" (when I can)

Most people already think freebie sites are scams and those who run them are robots.


Bob Rob:

How do you get paid? By that I guess I mean by whom. Also do you make a decent living by doing this? Apparently so! Anyway keep up the great Job and I really enjoy your site.


I work with about 25 different networks and multiple private companies who pay on average, net 90 - meaning I get paid this month for something I ran 3 months ago.

and to answer your other question.....

not enough!
and enough to pay the bills =)


Matt McKown:

Heya, James! Dig your freestuff e-mails!
Q: What was the strangest prize or freebie you or any of your e-mail subscribers have ever won/received?


not anything strange, really. but in 4 years, 4 subscribers have won a car.
and MANY have won vacations and cool electronics.

and then the tens of thousands who have won smaller prizes.

And the strangest freebie.....by far the white mannequin hand I got from nintendo a couple of years back.



Hey James, Because you are from Chicago I was wondering if you listen or like John Prine and the deceased Steve Goodman. Prine has been my favorite since his first album came out in the 70's. I feel he is a poet and have seen and met him many times. Terri


Nope, sorry. havent heard of either. I dont get out much....



Ok..here's an easy one for ya....Just curious..what are you favorite tv shows to watch these days??


In order....
Prison break
Fairy Oddparents!
law & Order (all of them)
OZ (used to be on HBO)



ok personal questions huh?

how did you meet your beloved.. (met mine online)

what did you want to do/be

(1) when you were little

(2)when you graduated high school

(3)if/when you graduated college...


That is a funny one because I met her MOM online.
I've known her for many years on here.
Her daughter came to Chicago to visit a friend and her mom made me take her out and watch over her. haha

1. a fireman. but my mom told me she'd kill me if I was one.

2. 1988

3. no college, but I did take a LOT of photography courses.
developing black & white photos in the blackroom was the coolest thing!

Heck, I still have my awesome 35 mm Nikon N6006 camera. If you look on ebay now, its probably worth a whopping $50.
Those new digital SLR cameras are amazing though. One of these days......



What's your shoe size? lol

giggle.....luv ya James.


10 1/2

I like sketchers, k-swiss, and new balance =)
and for NICE comfortable dress shoes....ALDO.


Mike P:

what are you doing in canada


Everyone can ask me a question except you! haha



just How? did you ever start doing this?

Regina Witkoski:

Love your site, love getting
the email everyday!

This is kinda of personal...
is this how you make a living?

Asking because I am unemployed and would like to start an at-home business!



Yes it is.

I used to work at O'hare airport in chicago (18 years) until I quit last year to do this full time.

I'll tell you what though. Its definitely not easy.
You can pretty much put anything on the internet, but how are you going to get people to it without spending a fortune in advertising.
Thats the million dollar question

It requires many many many hours of reading and then reading some more just to figure out how to get an extra 2 or 3 people a day to your website.

and keep doing it over and over again until you get a couple thousand people a day to your site.


Hope S:

Questions huh...OK James, if a mother has to pick up her kids from school at 3:00 feed a snack at 4:00 get them dressed by 5:00 and drop off her son at football at 5:45 and her daughter at cheerleading at 6:05 with a 30 min drive in between then the mini bus gets pulled over for eratic behavior at 6:02 What time does mommy get prozac??

Ok real question, how do you find the time to do this!! and thank you for all you do!


I dont know. I havent gotten to that stage yet! =)
Although I do take my son to karate, go back home and change and turn right back around to go to my own class. But thats only 15 minutes away.

When I was working at my job, I would do a little bit before and a little bit after work.

Now...I do it full time, so its not too bad.


Nancy campbell:

I would like to know how you discovered your business. How did you get into it? Do you get paid?


I was amazed that companies wanted to PAY people to promote their products online. The coolest ones that you probably never knew were sponsors were jim beam, coffeemate, redwood creek, kraft, etc.

and the other answer is yes. This is just wayyyy too much work.



What is the best freebie you ever received exclusing sweeps/instant wins?


2 of them!

The first one was a computer. I forgot the website where it was from, but I had to look at ads for something like an average of 30 minutes a day? something like that.
Well, they sent me the computer and the next day, they filed bankruptcy. Told me to keep the computer and have a nice day. And they also told me how to get rid of the adware.

The other was a million dollars from the deferal reserve.
all composted into dust (it was about the size of a pepsi can)
It was fun trying to put it all back together.


Vera Taylor:

You asked about global warming!! Here it is= I'm an avid ecologist>I havent owned a car or truck in 19 years. Since our son was born. I and my husband and son either take public transportation or ride our bicycles. 21 speed mountain bikes=bet I can beat you across Baton Rouge and back with you in a car!! I've been a member of GreenPeace DEN and all the rest and we have ALL been saying it for decades = the polution is destrying the planet but no one listen till some super rich polotition did a movie. Now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon till a "NEW CAUSE" pops up. Mean while everyone in the good old USA is buying bigger cars ans suv and trucks because now $3.00 a gallon for gas dosnt bug them so much. Its been that price for a while so it isnt so shocking anymore and you all run around with 1 person in a big hummer!I hope gas gose up to $10.00 a half gallon!!! It would serve you all right!!!


OK....how did you make the cards do that?


I have no clue. Try it. It works!


dana wales:

Oh now that is funny lol to be a fly on the wall when you read those.

Sheryl Spencer:

Hey James,

Well it's my birthday today, gawd another year older *sulks* but since I want to do one silly thing today, this is it. You said ask you anything. Ok, are you single? *silly grinz*


Happy Birthday!

Married for close to 10 years and have 2 kids and 2 dogs who act worse than the kids.


Ruth Birnbaum:

what is the worst thing you ever won?

Did you accecpt it and if so WHY?


My (I think it was beach volleyball) xbox game.
I gave it to my nephew because I did not have an xbox at the time.

I dont enter contests too often....only because I dont have the time =(


Bev Harrison:

Got a question on some contests. Has anyone ever won the Hearst Magazine contests? I enter them everyday, some never seem to end or go for a year, and I think I am wasting my time. How about Women's Day? Readers Digest? (I won from Redbook once.)


Nope, sorry. no one has emailed me about any of those contests. I think those are harder to win only because they have such a large readership and they only give away a small amount of prizes per day.
Its hard to win something when 50,000 people come back every day and they are all trying for the 3 (or whatever number) prizes per day.

Its not always possible, but I try to find the internet only contests with LOTS of prizes....even small ones)


I am a 48 yr. old grandma of soon-to-be 9 grandchildren...I lost 130 lbs. in 15 months...I have a motivational myspace (www.myspace.com/vautress) geared for women not just for weight loss but to realize that we as women can be Magnificent,Phenomenal Women no matter our walk of life...Do YOU have a myspace?

Wow! congrats!!!

and yes I do. Its http://www.myspace.com/jamesb_69


Kimberly Roman:

Ok I usually do not do this......I have no clue how I first got on your list..(I must have signed up somewhere)....but love the useless facts daily.....here is my question???
So what have you won?? I know your a sweeper and you never post or tell us what you have won?? Anything big?? Thats it I know I am pretty boring..nothing like the above posters...LOL Thanks for the great emails!!!! Kim

Ha! to be honest. I won an xbox game about 4 years ago. thats it!!!!!

No wait, I take that back.....last month I won an iPod speaker system and headphones from a marlboro contest.


Michelle Crowder:

OK, I know you said nothing heavy, but did you hear that congress passed the law that a president can now serve three terms?...just in time for Bush to serve another term? If you are interested, or want to know my source, email me...you know where to find me.


All I know is we need to get him out of there and find a president who will start worrying about US first.


Hey James. First I want to say thank you again for all my wonderful FREE stuff. I am a stay at home mom looking for a J.O.B. I want to work from home, but have been unable to find anything legit. Can you give me a job??? Or maybe push me to the right direction? Thank you in advance.


I am just a 1 man operation right now. I wish I had a huge company. but maybe later on down the road.

Check out these sites though. Either one would probably give you a better answer.



the 2nd one seems to be loading really really slow right now.



What made you decide to do this website and do you enjoy helping others?


Good question.

#1. I love getting free samples. I remember when I was a kid, my mom used to get boxes of samples sent to the house. It was the greatest thing ever.
I think it was one company, but they sent a huge box full of stuff.

#2. I'll tell you what.....its awesome getting emails every day from people saying they won this or that or got a cool freebie.
Even the smallest of things makes someone happy when they get bills, phone calls from collectors, etc.

and #3. I wanted to make some money on here! =)


Wayne Federline:

OK, When are you taking me to Vegas. Remember I'm not cheap either plus you have to feed me, my little girl and my wife!


How come you didn't take me up om my offer to come to Chicago and take in a Cubs game?


I never got the email!!!
I took my son to his first cubs game though. and he LOVED it!


dana wales:

hmmmm lets see what deep dark secret do we want to ask James.....

How about what is the wildest(note I said wild not worst) lol email you have received on here?


Well, I got a few steamy replies to my newsletters from people
who were meant to send the email to someone else.
And then I get the whole "oops" proceeded by the big red face.


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