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What Is Your Walk Score?

Type in your address to see how far everything is from your house.



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I think that we should take into consideration both - walk score and drive score.
I agree, walk score is very good. But are many people travelling now on foot? Practically all families have cars, and practically everyone moves in a car.
All my friends have cars, all members of my family have cars, I have a car. We very seldom go on foot.
We live in the century of high speeds. We are always in a hurry. Do we really have time for walking? Probably, it is time to invent something new, something more actual? For example, drive score.
Walk score is still actual. But more actual, to my mind, is drive score. You should also pay attention to it.

Patricia Johnson:

What a laugh!! The grocery store I do most of my shopping at is 2 miles away (clocked while driving home actually a little over 2 miles). Cab is $9.00 minimum from there. The restaurant I would never go to is listed but the one I frequent is at least 5 miles away!!

86???? Ha I DONT THINK SO!! This is a major city and no one would go to local upscale bars, restaurants, or coffee shops even if they are closer to home. When you have so many to select from, you can pick and choose!!


LOL mine was a 0 out of 100 I live in a rural town & its many miles to anywhere

thomas adam:

1519 North Brown Street
Hanford CA 93230

thomas adam:

People say I look like Nick Nolte from 48 hours with Eddie Murphy

I got a 42 and I live in OKlahoma City, OKlahoma!


i got a 0. bostwick florida is really small

Yvonne Gorniak:

Hey James,

My town scored a 37!! You want to see small, type in Ash Fork, AZ and see what small is!



I found the same thing. I think they clock it in a straight line, not considering that we have to walk down blocks and cross streets. The actual distance is a little more.

Julie Jamron:

Tried the walkscore but the mileage doesn't seem to match up with my clocking of the local places from my home

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