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Thanks Eric

I dont even need to comment on this one.



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I think he should be locked in a room with the dogs that lived through his sick, treatment. There is a saying "you can't fix stupid"{Ron White}


Ha..we live in Georgia home of the Falcons.Even the kids at school think he is a LOSER !
This part is for Rosemary H., please don't respect him with a Mr. and yes,I also wish the dogs got him! Wendy's post was too funny. Remember,what goes around comes around,Vick will get his.


I think his punishment should be to send him to the dogs.. Let them get him..


Would that be nice if it was for real.


I'm reminded of that song"who let the dog's out".Hey Vicks,don't you want to play with your puppies,lol.

Wayne Federline:


rosmary haycock:

mr vics dog escaped to fight him instead of other dogs


Was the coach REALLY desperate enough to put the mascot in to play?


kodak moment???? hehe.
Surprise!!!! OUCH!!!

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