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Ok, This Is Just Too Cute


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that baby is sooooo adorable


OMG! he is just the best! that was the cutiest thing I have ever seen. How he falls over & is just cracking up that is sooo funny! Keep filming that blessing he is a blast! Chrissy


I love to hear those babies laugh:)precious


Those belly laughs are the best!! He's a sweetheart!


You have a child to be happy about. May you have many enjoyable moments together.


Absolutely Adoreable !


Absolutely Adoreable !


He is adorable!

Cecelia Kennison:

awesome!Brings back memories.


What a cutie, laughter is the best medicine, in that case this child is truely healthy!


Holy crap.....THAT was THE CUTEST thing!!!!!!! Isnt the simple pleasures like these that makes it all worth while!!!!!!


Apologizing in advance...
Is this childs name JACK....the ripper? EWWW, I know, but I had to! LOL Thanks for the laugh James!

Dad and Momma:

Need a laugh, it sure made me go ahhhh after I joined in laughing. LOVE, Nanc XOXOXOXXO


I remember the days, and it almost made my cry!!! why, oh why is my utetus gone? Ha Ha
Never mind, I remember, I have 6 of the little ones.
thats, why.
But this made me smile and almost brougt a tear to my eye, until my 3 year old came in with the dog that just came in from the mud hole.
God Bless them, they don't know any different.
Thanks for the smile. I appreciate it. It makes me thnakfull for the children we have and the fun that we can have with them.
Its just not all about saying no.


aw...I needed a good laugh today! wonderful!


The smallest pleasures in life are the greatest. Thanks for starting my day out with a smile.

Megans Mom:

You just made my day!!! Brought back memories of my daughter laughing the same exact way at a jumping pig...thankfully we caught it on video too!


That is wonderful!!! I love those belly laughs! It is good to hear you have fun!

Karen Rousseau:

Everyone should start there day off like this=)


My babies are suckers for paper ripping too... This was a great video!! The kids were cracking up with it!


Too cute. Thanks for sharing such a delightful little man when life is so hard for me right now. Thank you ever so much. Adorable little boy!!


too cool, james! you are blessed!!!


too cool, james! you are blessed!!!

Linda Reed:

That was ADORABLE!!! Thank you for making me laugh and starting my day off so well!


What a wonderful way to start the day, there is nothing like a child's laughter to brighten up the world.Thanks so much for sharing.


That was a great video!!
Thanks for sharing...
I remember doing this with my kids and they laughed harder then that little boy did...haha.

That was just to dang cute!!!



So dang cute!It'a amazing how babies can cheer you up.Plus it makes you feel like you're the greatest thing in the world when you can make them laugh(and them us)

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