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Dont Run With Forks!

Thanks Vicki for these!

Im glad he's ok!!




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All I can say is "OUCH". I am glad that he is ok!!!

Try putting cocoa butter(the one that comes in a tube/stick)everday on the scar,and that should help with not leaving any marks.

Oh my! glad this little guy is okay ouch!!!!


That poor baby.He's so brave sitting in the er like that.His mom needs to go out and buy the toddler fork and spoon set for kids.I don't have kids of my own(can't)but have done daycare and have nephews and a niece and had the toddler fork and spoon.The fork fits their little hands better and has no sharp points.I'm not saying it's the parents fault cause kids are so dang fast,lol.Just think i let someone put a hole in my nose for jewlery(i've got a pierced nose)and when he gets older he can show his war wounds.I'd have the fork engraved for him as a keepsake of a scary time and the great outcome.

Mike P:

thats a funny way to pick your nose :o)

Yikes! At least we get to see the "After" photo! Here's the lowdown from snopes.com:


OMG; poor little guy, that is what you call a lesson learned the hard way, I too am glad he is ok.Thank God he didn't put an eye out.

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