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Awareness And A Just In Case!

You know how you always say its a small world when you meet someone and realize you shared someething in common with that person?

Well, this may be the case...

I don't know if you can/will post this or not and if you can't for what ever reason I understand. I just thought I would give it a shot as I know you reach hundreds of people daily.
This is so important or I would not even ask. Anyway have a good day, and thanks either way. Mary.

My dear friend Christina who is number one on my list and will be till her children are found and home safely with her once again. Below is a describtion on what happen and pictures of her children. Please repost this and have all your friends repost it. This is kidnapping and he should be brought to justice so the kids can live a normal life. I BEG YOU TO REPOST THIS IF YOU HAVE ANY HEART AT ALL.

Just click reply and then copy the info so the pictures will show up when you post it in a bulletin--I will be praying for her everyday and night and ask the same from you. The more that see this the sooner they will be found--PLEASE REPOST AND ASK ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME

On Thursday of this past week my ex came into town. He left with them around 8:30 pm from my apartment. His dad says he saw them around 9 am the following morning. His mother told us he rented a truck/SUV and they left, and I wouldn’t see them for a long time.

I’ve called the police, I’ve called his parents and everyone I could come up with phone numbers for, I’ve even gone to their houses. That’s all the info I was able to get. I do know he still lives in Florida, and are supposedly driving there. If anyone sees them, please call one of these numbers:

Frances: 1-660-343-5447 or Cell:1-660-221-6884
Desaree: 1-660-827-1908
My Cell: 1-660-473-3158 you can also text Frances (my mom) or my cells with info.

When they left the house, the oldest (Shelby Cantrell) was wearing black capris, a black t-shirt that read “I like you, you’re different”, and black flip flops. Bethany was wearing blue jeans, a white and peach striped shirt, and black “Vans” tennis shoes. Ariel (the youngest) was wearing a tie dyed t-shirt that said “Branson” on the front, black soccer shorts, and light blue tennis shoes with no laces.

Please forward this on so maybe someone can help me find my girls. For those who don’t know how.. hit “reply”, copy and paste to a new bulletin.

These are the most recent pictures I have:





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I'm so glad there back home
Thank God!! I'd be nuts if I didn't know where my kids were. I'm so glad there are people who care


Thanks for letting people know they were found cause it's been on my mind too.As someone who's been through the hell of having a child taken by a family member i'm so glad they were found so quickly.It took us almost 2 years and it was unbearable.


Tonight I called the numbers given to see if the girls are still missing, and found out they are back . . .

It would be nice if people would be as anxious to express appreciation to the same strangers they request help from once it's no longer needed! Ah, yes, but then that would make it a "more better" world, and there might not be anything to get all "outta whack" like when people are not grateful to others for their concerns.

Thanks James for all you do, even if it's not always recognized!

I posted to my friends list on myspace. Prayers are with them


Has anyone got his actual name? You can google most people and if theyve done anything its on the internet or zaba his name or family in florida it gives alot of information there unless they just changed it all and unlisted it. I know some one in missouri had a case likes this and they made a myspace and sent it out to everyone that lived in the state they thought they were going to and it was 2 weeks when they got the child home. Try everything tell everyone. I'll be praying for you all.


I'm in North Central Florida, where Interstate 10 and 75 cross, and many people stop for gas or food. Where in Florida were these children taken from? Please give details of the 'ex' too, I suppose this person is the Father? Does he have relatives in other states, where he might be headed? Has this kidnapping been added to the Amber Alert system? I get email notices and haven't seen this one . . .

Thanks for some more details, we're all glad to help any way we can.


My thoughts are with this family and i pray they'll be home and in the rightful parent's arms tonight.My family went through a parental kidnapping as well and people don't want to get involved in these cases which is bull.I found a private eye who charged my family a small fee and tried to help.Anything you can do will help your efforts even if you think it might be silly.I went to the local law library when this happened to us and found a thing called"parental kidnapping protection act"which means the parent that took the kids and didn't return them has broke the law and what rights you've got.We were a low income family making it difficult but your voice is your best thing.Take photos of the kids and plaster them everywhere.He rented a suv you stated so i'm sure his id was used and his car insurance so talk with everyone at the rental lot.Remember to got o reststops and put up photos there too.Gas stations and diners are good spots too.Maybe he stopped at a playground to let the kids play on the trip.Does he have friends or family on the way there?I've got this feeling that you'll be reunited soon and its gonna be hard right now but keep your wits and keep your support system near you.Also school will be starting soon so that might be something to check into.Maybe he enrolled them in school.My thoughts will be with you and i hope they're in your arms soon.

Wayne Federline:

I have posted this story on 3 major Child Search agencies.

Wayne Federline:

Please let us know what happens...


Where were they abducted from? If he lives in Florida, he may be going in the opposite direction.

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