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Toyota Commercial

I think i'll start posting some old stuff I had/have that is lying around on the website.


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this commercial do not make any sense, instead of getting customers, Toyota will loose alot of its current customers and not gain a new customer in the future

change the scrip of each of the characters to be on a more friendly and sharing mood....The woman wakes up to take a shower and notices the hair dryer and picks it up to put up before she steps into the shower, the man wakes up to take a peak at the showering woman in the shower instead of opening the window to admire the car then he ask to shower with her but she complains that she have to make breakfast, he agnor her and says "we will go out for breakfast"then she get dress and run down to the kitchen to check to make sure things were in order and 5 secs later he shows up behind her holding the key to the car and says "why don't you drive today, driving makes me feel like I am going to work" then they will exit the house and get into the car and drive off burning rubber instead of hair or each other


That is the most hilarious ad i have ever seen. This kind of ad really makes me remember the item the ad is about!!!


This proves that SOME ads are really worth watching!



OMG.....James... that was soooo funny!!!! Thanks sooo much for the laugh!!!
You know i needed that laugh in a huge way.
Thanks James,

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