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Prayer Request!

Hi James,

My son just came home from the Marines boot Camp 2 weeks ago. He just went back last week. They are not kidding when they tell you that your son is leaving as a boy but he will return as a man..... I couldn't believe how different he looked from when he left. He's going for more training and then he's going to be shipped out. That's when the worrying starts... but I know he has a good head on his shoulders and he will be alright, God willing... Could you please ask your subscribers for prayers for him.. that he'll be alright, it would be greatly appreciated.



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In the midst of the confusion as to what is right and wrong pertaining to this war, our country, etc., God please bless our military families with wisdom, peace, courage, comfort, confidence in You. Protect those in danger and make them deeply aware of your presence and protection. Preserve marriages, relationships between military parents and their children, and all others affected. For those who come home troubled, give their families grace to support them through whatever "hell" they carry in their hearts, minds, and bodies because of all they've experienced in battle and other such troubling circumstances. God, turn the hearts of our country toward You, that our soldiers may not fight in vain for a country that may not appreciate their sacrifice and the protection it provides.
God, give extra strength to the mothers at home left to care for small children who've never met their daddies or had little time to know them.
Grant our military chaplains wisdom to share truth in love with encouragement and confidence that will strengthen the hearers.
God, cause us to turn to you so that You may bless us.
God bless America!



Prayers for your nephew and my son... I can't wait for this war to be over with and all of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters,aunts,and uncles finally get to come home where they belong.


Laurie J:

My nephew is just a couple of weeks behind your son in becoming a man from the sounds of it. I pray for all of our young men every day! and can not wait for them to come home!! PEACE and PRAYERS!!!

pleasure pray for me.right now.lester bromley.

pleasure pray for me.right now.lester bromley.


Oh yes........our special prayers, love and support to him and all our troops. We really appreciate them. Take care, God Bless the U*S*A

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