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alright, alright.

I thought it was funny.
Maybe because im a guy?

And my dog looks exactly like this one & I know it would be something he would do.
you know, the whole not paying attention to what he is doing part.


I like to find humor in most things but this isn't funny!The dog's owners need to take better care of their dog.It looks like they can afford to have a fenced yard,how about the invisible fence?My sister has one for their dog and it works great.How about using a long leash were the dog can't get that far?The owners wont be laughing when their dog get's hit by a car!


I am with Vickie on this one!! Let;s see one of a man running into a brick wall! That would be FUNNY!


OUCH !!!


This video is not funny. This could have caused a medical problem or even death. This made me sick.

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