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Squash A Bug, Get A Coupon, And Win A Prize?

Thanks Angela!

James, here's a cool site that you can add to your page if you would like.



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Cheryl,you need to use the a,s,and d buttons on your keyboard.Then you get to start stomping all those little nasties.It said on there that a cockroach can hold it's breath for 40 minutes,ewww.I thought this was just a game but it's a contest too.I stomped a lot of them and then a little thing came up saying that i could enter the contest.Hope you find my comment and can play now.Bye


Could not get the feet to move. What's up with that? I wanted to kill bugs, too.


Who knew stomping on the little nasties could be fun,lol.Now i've got to go clean the guts off of my shoes.

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