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Am in Orlando, Florida right now in case some of you did not know.
My internet access will be limited, but I will post on here when I get a chance.

Anne, thank you for covering for me while I am gone! =)


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lisa kubinski:

Love your emails!

You're the best!

My daughter is getting married to a wonderful man!

Just wanted the world to celebrate with me!

Hope you had a great trip in Florida!



Hi James!
Have missed you while you have been gone!
Everyone needs a break once in a while!
Hope that you are not working harder on your vacation than you normally do!
Hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself!
Get some rest!


Hey James, I know you must be having fun, got out of Chicago, to bad Disney World is in Florida...haha.
Gosh, I couldnt wait to get out of Florida...if i go back it will be to go to Kennedy space center.
I have been to astronaunts hall of fame...that was kewl...but never out to the space center.

Have fun...and miss ya,


Hey James, So you found someone to send out the newsletter for ya!!!!!
Have tons of fun and stay safe......talk to you when you get back.

Mary Haught:

Hope you are having an enjoyable time out.

Wayne Federline:

Alrighty then, carry on...


James,i've been missing you.I hope you and the family are having a great time in Florida.See ya soon

Wayne Federline:

James, your on VACATION, right?

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