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Geek? Software

Hi James,

For those who might want an inventory of what is on their system (or just the geeks like me in the group), there is a free utility (Belarc Advisor) that gives you a detailed list of hardware, software, installed fixes, blah, blah, blah... pretty much anything you want to know about your computer within the confines of a readable report. It is FREE (they'll accept donations for those bound & determined to pay for software, of course) and it can be found at http://www.belarc.com . There may be other free stuff of interest there too, but I was in a hurry while visiting the site today.

Another one I like is Cpu-Z which can be found at http://www.majorgeeks.com/download425.html (the author's site is available as one of the d/l sites). It gives fairly geeky info about memory and what's in the various slots. For tech-types (or people who just can't afford to hire others to work on their systems), it provides good info and it is FREE too.

If I've already sent these to you, pretend like I'm not senile, ok? ;)


And my own personal note......MajorGeeks is an excellent site for "geek" related software.



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HAY Y'ALL .. ya don't HAFTA be a geek to like this place!! If ya know what ya want .. you'll probably find 'it' there!! Like .. I'm too 'cheap' to spend $8 billion on 'OFFICE' .. so I got 'power point' & 'word' from the Major and I saved a lotta money .. cuz they both were free!! I don't mind spending 'FREE'!! (?) If ya visit and can't figure it out .. just email James and he'll help ya (I might git n trouble fer that one .. hehehe)!! OR .. just 'e' me and I'm sure I can git ya more confused!!

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