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"The View" 5/23/07 Rosie and Elisabeth


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good for Elisabeth!! She did a great job! and it will be great to see Rosie gone. She did not know how to come out of her corner when backed into it.
Rosie is not a patroit but someone that needs help.



I never watched the View until Rosie came on. She tells it like it is and she has my respect for that.Will I continue to watch I the View, sorry Barbara and Joy probably not. It will be interesting to see if the View makes it another year.

Vickie Hutton:

U go Rosie. U R number 1 with us. Don't back down for nobody. Love You.


Bush SUCKS! So elizabeth SUCKS! Anybody who defends bush needs to get their head out of their crack.

betty emmons:



That's why I stopped watching the View a long time ago. All they do is pick fights and talk over eachother. Sheeesh. What a headache. :)


I just watched the clip that James was so nice to show for the ones that missed that day of the View and as far as I'm concern Joy is the one ( this time ) that started all of the biggering with Rosie and elisabeth , even though they both have had "issues" with each other in the past.. I personally think Elisabeth needs to grow up , Rosie DOES state the facts about alot of things and Elisabeth has her own way of turning everything around.. Or make some excuse of somekind ... I myself will not be watching the View again after Rosie leaves ...

Yadira Ramirez:

I think Elizabeth is just a big crybaby and should shut her trap for a while. I love rosie always statng facts and all and so what if she is gay and loud and all those things. SO WHAT!!!


I have been listening to Rosie stating facts about this administration and hearing Elizibeth in return just let the facts fly over her head and stubournly defend a man that, at the very least, should be dragged across the White House lawn and through the Rose Garden and tossed out onto Pennsylvania avenue. At the other end of the scope possibly locked up for war crimes. People talk about 911 and use it as an excuse to invade Iraq to sweep up all of the WMD's, that were never found, and kill the terrorists that did such horrible damage to our people and property, when in fact the people that did these terrible things were Saudi Arabians. So our pres. sends our soldiers to Iraq to kill over 600,000 people that never heard of the twin towers. This reminds me a lot of an event in world war 2, when a small country was invaded for no reason, namely, Poland,by a head of a much more powerful country, namely, Germany and this action was abhored by the world over. Why?, just because its America,should the invasion of Iraq be considered as a means to bring peace and democracy to the people of that country that may still be alive when its over? Yhe man that ordered the invasion of Poland and other countries, was labled a war criminal. Frankly, I just don't understand it.


I just heard on the news, that the view was prerecorded today and the next time it will be live is Tuesday, also they were saying that Rosie might not come back, great; she's just a trouble maker.
Maybe she should be on the radio, the same place Howard Stern is on.Then she can insult anyone she wants.


Elisabeth needs to be on the Bill Maher Panel

People don't like Rosie, uh why?
Because of her weight and personal life choices?
That's not a very strong argument,.

Let's see what the informed intellects have to say to Elisabeth.
She believes in Dubya because he's a bible thumper,
not because of the facts...

Janette Kirkpatrick:

Rosie sounds more like Joe Pesci everytime I hear her...I believe the transformation into a short Italian man is almost complete.

Mike P:


rosmary haycock:

well if you just base your opinion just between rosie and elizabeth what about joys points i feel she is right on re corruption in the government. yes it is terrile about 911 but who flew into the building , who sent them
ossama . not that the other dude didnt deserve to die but what the heck. we could save so many lives and money if we got ossama. also if we got a hit man to take out the asses then get the rest after it would save soo much more lives . we know theese men are evil but what the hell WAR NEEDS TO END. I LIVED THRU VIEANAM YRS I WAS A SM CHILD AND IT WAS A SCARY TIME . WE CANNT BE RULERS OF THE WORLD

susan losak:

yes teena - well put!!! educate


You guys are crazy ! Rosie is great and everybody just looks at Elizabeth and doesn't listen to what she says. Elizabeth still believes that there was no orders from high up officials to torcher prisoners even when the evidence was right in her face. She believes that we our President did not do anything wrong. He went against everyone and started a war. Come on people our administration is in trouble here and at least Rosie has the BALLS to speak up for us. Wheres our family's rights at? Wheres our family's medical treatment at? By families I'm meaning solders. Come on people wake up Rosie is doing a good job getting things out there Elizabeth is just something to look at she got on the show because she was on survivor and her husband is a football player. Who cares and of course she is going to defend Bush they are long time family friends. I will not watch the View after Rosie leaves. I didn't start watching the view until she got there.

susan losak:

all of you leaving comments are not informed on the facts that occurred. if you are to comment on the view and rosie than at least watch the episodes (not just this one) before you say anything. being blind = uninformed. educate yourself.


All of this is just very very sad. No one wants to focus on the world-wide issues that created 9/11 or the perilous task of dealing with the group(s)responsible for jeopardizing the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. The President has reasons for why he does what he does--and we may never know just why-because of the sensitivity of national security, but I find it hard to believe that President Bush would have initiated a war without reason. I may not understand why, but I must apply faith to a situation like Iraq--one that is too enormous for me to ever comprehend. My prayers are with our president and our military. I still believe both to be the best in the world. As far as "The View" is concerned... I am not a "View"er because I am busy working to help support my family during that time of day. I have never had respect for Rosie, and now have serious doubts about Joy as well, but Elisabeth... (who I truly know nothing about) has earned a place of respectability in my book. I too believe SHE should run for president!

Barbie M.:

I agree whole-heartedly with Barbara's (the Barbara who posted on this page) comments.Also, I wish they would look at enlistment in our Armed services and see how many men and women signed up for the chance to go and fight for our country since 911. Anyone who enlists in the military to serve our country should know that there is always a risk involved. So many of our young people today (previous to 911) sign up,thinking it is a way to get their education taken care of,but they should step back and think long and hard and realize why we have the Armed Services.


Rosie should have a sit down with Dr. Phil.
Elizabeth, good luck girl, I've got to give you credit for staying with your strong beliefs.


Rosie is the lowest. Like to know who her therapist is, she is not doing Rosie any good. Barbara you sure sold yourself out reputation and all[such a shame] I do not think you are telling the truth at all! SHAME SHAME on you and the producer for such a show. Rosie done more harm to the USA and the brave ones fighting for freedom than anyone person on TV and you are standing up for her-that is the same as you and the producer saying out of you own mouth. May God have mercy on you all. Elizibeth keep telling everyone what you stand and believe, don't let Rosie or others stop you from telling your side. Barbara


I think The View made a big BIG mistake hiring Rosie, she seems to butt heads with just about everyone. Barbra Walters needs to do some serious thinking, before she loses alot of loyal viewers. Rosie needs to go. All she is doing is bringing down the show.


Barbra Walters sold her soul to the devil when she hired Rosie to boost her rateings. Now she must face the consequences, Rosie has an agenda, that she pushes, no matter what. We all knew she is gay,that should be a non-issue today, and liberal, now we know she is stupid. I love her line " Talk to them,they're parents, they will listen to reason." She was referring to the people, who send their children out with bombs strapped to their bodies. No, I will not miss Rosie, I just hate to think where she will turn up next, or who she will pick her next fight with. I thought comedians were supposed to be funny, guess she didn't get the memo.


I did not know who Elisabeth was before watching this clip, (do not watch the View or Lost)after seeing her but heads with Joy and Rosie I say she should run for President of the United States!!!!!

What's with Rosie? Joy was expressing her opinion of Preident Bush. Rosie was trying to justify an issue of her hurt feelings.

(I agree with the other lady I just wanted to watch Lalia, Apollo and Joey =/ )


I love Rosie and I,m sorry to see her go off the show.
Rosie and Joy make that show I love Joy she,s great


rosie should j8pt t step down. she seems to take too many issue in the wrong way and put too much emphises on her sexualty. something no one really cares about. she goes on the defensive by being rude and obnoxious . bye rsrie!!!


I get e-mails from"acess hollywood"and"extra"and those 2 have been fighting for awhile now.I used to like Rosie when she was a comedian but now she's just so abrasive and odd.I'd never heard of Elizabeth Hasselbeck before but they've had some fights ging on and i've seen a few in my e-mail.Barbra Walters has been looking like she wished she'd never heard of Rosie.The speech thing were Rosie went off and swore up a storm made Babs look like she was gonna have a heart attack.The Trump and Rosie war has been funny(those 2 sure have enough ammo 2 use against the other,lol)Elizabeth is pregnant and i guess to take it easy.Good luck with Rosie's mouth.

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