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See A UFO Lately?

Ummmmm.......I have no clue!



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Wayne Federline:

Damn and all this time I thought I was seeing Elvis!!!


I wonder if he was probed?Dude,what are you smoking,lol?


Now THAT makes sense. Thanks for explaining.


I did alot of surfing on this...Its a hoax. Photoshoped. A man who's studied Jap. for 10 years said it's a mix of Jap languages..and the letterings not even right. On another sight I found the maker. He had actually posted it in a forum with questions as to what it was/ how it ran. electricity was the answer. Also good points made, if this guy sees it so often, why haven't any athoritys checked into it. And on another site people put it in their photoshop and found a few mess ups.
Ya I was bored lol.

Mary Haught:

amazing photos; I have seen things in the sky that I could not identfy, and I must admit I would not be brave enough to get close enough to take a picture that clos up. No clue what it is though, I've never seen anything like it.Thank you so much for including them in your news letter.

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