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Part 2

Me doing about 8 different moves on my buddy Joel

The guy in the background.....I have no idea. He's mad at the bag or something.

Him doing about 14 different ones on me. and me getting a beat down.


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Wow James so young,I liked the moves.

Diane Santaromita:

Love the video,it was great just like your site. Yu put a lot of effort I can see in everything you do. Great freebie site, and love the jokes and the freebies. What is wrong with that guy and the bag????


Wonderful video, James! How about posting more pictures of you and your sweet family? A head shot of you WITHOUT the helmet wouldn't hurt either!!
CHEERS to you and all of the hard work you put into your site.


Hey James,
Great Video!!!! I have been down with the flu all week, so i havent been online to see what i missed out on. Thanks for sharing the video.


wow! the face behind the freebies! We appreciate yah! I,ve been benefiting from all your good posts for a while, your a swell guy :.)

Rita H:

Great video!!!
Thank you for all the freebies, really appreciate all the hard work you put into it.

Jack Miller:

Hey James!

Thanks for posting the video! You're a cute guy! You are certainly a bit different from the image I had of you in my little brain! :) It's nice to have an actual picture of you!

Re: the guy in the background - wonder what that bag ever did to him?!:0

Hope you are having a great day and that you will post more of the same in the future! I enjoyed watching that one!

All the best to you!


James You Rock!!!
Sounds like you need to re-post all your Vegas pics!!! ...for the newbies!!! Oh, and don't forget the bungee jumping one...that is the best!!!
Best to you and your precious family!!
Cyndy in Houston

and oh yeah! you are a hottie!!! ;)


nice...wish that it were more agressive. ;) I want a t-shirt too!!! ttfn


Well look at you, you handsome devil!

Paula Hephner:

ok!!!! Boy my mental image was WAYYYYYY off base. Thanks for the video!!!!



Rhonda B:

I have been getting your newsletter FOREVER and the vision in my mind of you is NOT right! he he he
I though you were older, heavier...etc!! Great video! thanks a ton!


what a little hottie you are! more pics please!!

Mary Haught:

Nice video, you both look like you could hold your own if it came down to the real thing.


Awesome! James, you must have been a child-genius! lol

Debra Barton:

You were great James! I gotta tell you though, that guy in the background had me CRACKING UP!

Lori M.:

Great Video James! Actually I never realized that you were so young! Keep up the great work here, you are probably about the best freebie site there is!I look forward to seeing what you have every day! Thanks again James!

Sherry Foco:

Your humor makes me chuckle James! And this video is awesome! I was happy to see all the comments posted in response to the lady that hadn't recieved any samples. Keep up the good work and when am I going to win a t-shirt? Soon I hope! Take care..Sherry

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