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Just A Little Humor =)


If this needs explaining,
you're not old enough.


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Debra Barton:


LOVE it!

Donnie J.:

To the moon Alice; I remember it very well.Loved the show,Ralph drove a city bus,Ed worked in the sewer,man that had to be a crappy job?


Loved this James.....haha
I sure do remember the honeymooners....haha
I wonder how many times he said....To the moon, Alice
Thanks for the humor.


I LOVE IT :):):):):)

I've been collecting moons for 25 years - this one will be up with my favorite.

Thanks James


i am definatly not to young. and it was funny.

Ruthann Swisher:

I think its great.


To the moooooon, Alice!


Thanks James it's great!I've seen a few Honeymooners on cable and it's funny.You no what i thought of next;MTV.Remember the old spacemen planting the MTV flag on the moon.That was the 80's(back when record albums and cassettes were the thing)and MTV didn't have any commercials then.Now i can't find videos on there anymore,lol.See ya later:)


now that's funny

but i don't get it....i MUST be too young....lmao...

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