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Imigration By The Numbers


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Retha Henley Yarbrough:

A few other comments: I dont' think most people are aware that as of 2006, 14% of all construction jobs are now taken by illegals. Also, for those of you who missed it, here's the link for the Parkland Memorial Hospital story: http://www.snopes.com/politics/immigration/parkland.asp. Read it and be disgusted as I was.

Retha Yarbrough:

Living about 90 miles north of the Mexico border I see a huge amount of illegal aliens and have experienced the burdens they have cost us. A couple of years ago Tucson lost one of its two regional trauma centers due expressly to the tremendous costs of treating illegals. Our remaining trauma center now has to serve the entire southwestern section of Arizona. A few years after the 1986 amnesty, as a single, working mother with a sick child I went to a gov't program (PPEP) to get help repairing my nonworking heater. I noticed the application asked if I had been through the amnesty program. I asked why and was told that they had a point-based system and if a person went through the amnesty program they got two points vs. my one!
In our schools we have to have a Spanish speaker at every assembly, open-house, etc. to address the parents who cannot speak English. Many, many Nogales, Sonora children cross over to Nogales, Arizona to attend (free) our schools, paid for by our taxes! Our summer youth programs struggle now to place school teens in jobs because most are taken by illegals. I could go on and on.
Illegal aliens also give a slap in the face to all the people who come here legally through hard work and patience. Also, the average illegal makes about $10-12,000 annually and collects $18,000 annually in food stamps, housing, medical services, education, etc. Add it up.


If you look at the chart with the green and red, thats what is astonishing.
Dont kick anyone out, thats fine, and only accept x amount of people every year.
They have to close the border to everyone coming illegally and it HAS to be curtailed, or in 10 years, we wont be different than 90% of the rest of the world.

And the whole jobs thing is a cop out.
job or welfare, hmm......thats a whole nother topic.


In regards to your comment.
A true American are Native
Americans,so if you can't trace your heritage to that then the majority of the people here will have to be escorted out. The jobs are here its just that no onw wants to do them. When we had to clean up New Orleans, not even the people there wanted to clean up, guess who cleaned up? Who does your landscaping, When you go to even the most expensive restaurants guess who is making your food.


Close the borders, and who is not a true american needs to leave or be escorted off american soil.
Put a serious tax on incoming goods, including american owned companies.
That will bring jobs back to U.S.A. and drop the unemployment benefits and bring a descent wage to american workers.
This will build this nation back to where it needs to be.


Hey James,
Thanks for sharing this one. Immagration is a BIG problem now. I do NOT want to see what immagration will be in 10 years. Government had better do something about this HUGE immagration problem now.
I talk to alot of people in different state's, they have a problem with immmagrants there to.
Something has to be done NOW, or this number problem with escalate out of control.
Shouldnt U.S.A. help the americans first? Have health care that we americans can afford. But instead, there are special clinics for immagrants so they can have health care free...including having more babies.
Does anyone else see this problem???
Does anyone see what will happen in the years to come if something is NOT DONE NOW???????

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