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From Kathleen

These are free Bible Software applications, that are feature rich and user friendly. E-Sword comes with many free to download add ins, such as commentaries, maps and Bible Dictionaries, along with E-books written by Christians over a hundred years ago. These websites also include free downloads for add-ins, just as E Sword does. I have all these on my computer and between them all I have several hundred e-books, and some step books, and a wealth of information at my fingertips. I hope you will share these with your subscribers. These do not have a catch, nor is registration required, except with Bible Explorer, and that is only to unlock the free books that are downloaded by an integrated manager quickly. Some of these also include foreign language Bible translations. The last link is for the Open Office Software, which is much better than Microsoft Word (and free). These are all reputable software apps I have used and are spyware free, adware free, and easy to use.


The next download is a free English-Greek Interlinear Bible Software.







And the next day, I recieved another letter from her:

Hi, I meant to mention when I emailed you about the Bible Software freebies, that I'm already to subscribed to your newsletter and I love it, and I wondered if you post freebies on your site for free mp3 downloads. If you do, you can find thousands between these two websites: www.sermonindex.net, www.tscnyc.org . They all are free and no registration is required. They both, you might have guessed have audio sermons for free download, and they are all free.

Another great freebie I like for pc cleanup and maintenance, is Clean up. It's great if you have more than one user account on your pc, it cleans out all the temp files and stuff at the same time, without changing users. http://www.stevengould.org/software/cleanup/. The first time I used it, it cleaned out over 4 GB, (yes, GB) of temp files I thought I'd deleted with the windows utility that says its cleaning your temp internet files and browser cache, etc. It's great and does not mess with operating system files.

These freebies I've sent you are not limited time only things. They are always available. I pray God bless you James.

Thank you very very much!!!
I'd like to add one more about cleaning your computer. It would be PCpitstop.



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Wow Thanks... This will really help me with lesson's for teaching Sunday school. Thanks...

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