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Free Naked Juice Tote Bag

No idea how long it'll last.
Take the survey at the top right.

When finished, you should get this message...
"You have completed the survey. Please complete the following information so that we can send you a free Naked Juice Tote Bag."



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along survey, better get the bag or at least free coupons for the products. or it will be a total waste of my time!!!!

Leah Daigle:

did the stupid survey, got no bag..what a waste of my time.


I know, thats why I posted this on the blog....
"No idea how long it'll last".

Plus, If I dont think it will last long, i'll post on the blog and not in the newsletter.


the survey site is not working

Naked Juice Probiotic Survey is not active.


Thanks for all the freebies
I took the survey for the tote bag, just finished it--long one, but I can't wait for the tote, will be using it for the Beach.
Thanks again


did survey, did not get info that a tote bag was not coming my way


Hey James.....Did the survey and im getting a tote bag to....better be a nice one...it was a long survey...hahahaha.
Thanks a whole bunch


does anyone know of any modeling agencies that just want stars and no money....?


I've never heard of the brand but it sounded interesting.It'll let you do the survey even if you've never tried the product.When i finished the survey it said i'd receive the tote bag.Thanks James

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