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Yankee Or Dixie?

Me, im 50% Yankee, but I live in Chicago. weird!!

and yes, we say POP! =)



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Oh yeah! 99% DIXIE!!! That stupid 1% has to be from when my ex forced me to live amongst the Yankees. LOL
Everything is a COKE and that most definitely includes the Diet Dr. Pepper that I love so much!

This was fun & cute.


American by birth...southern by the grace of God...DIXIE!!!

49% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category.

Lets see I don't think anything can really classify me. Born in Mississippi, then moved to New Jersey, OKlahoma, Pennsylvania, OKlahoma, Texas, California, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, OKlahoma. I kinda bounce around!!


It said 86% Dixie. I will have to agree and proud of it.


Hey James,
Says im 65% Dixie.
Lived in Florida most of
my life......moved out of Fl in 2005.
I have always said....'coke'
never pop or soda...just coke.
Well, yall that did this fun little survey...have a greaaaaaat nite, CAT


62% (Dixie). A definitive Southern score!
lived in NC all but 4 yrs of my life.

Wayne Federline:

That figures, I live in the Carolina's and i'm only 75% Dixie. Maybe I should move further South!

Mary Haught:

66% dixie and I was born and raised in Maryland and have lived here all of my life.Go figure.
have a great weekend.

rosmary haycock:

that was cute . i lived in me all my life but it said slightly dixey go figure.

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