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What I Did Tonight

So, we took the kids to the Museum of Science and Industry (in Chicago), to see a display called "BodyWorlds 2"


All I can say is WOW. And yes, they are all real.
It was very educational. I never saw my kids read as much as they did while they were there.

If you happen to live near Dallas, Phoenix, or Chicago, here are their current exhibitions.


Since we werent allowed to take photos, heres a couple of pics I found on the web.





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Saw this exhibit in Minnesota last year. It is amazing and well worth seeing.


I live in Maryland, ut that would be worth the trip just to see that for myself; thanks


And to think that's inside each and every one of us...


But it was soo cool!

Matthew, after you see it, email me or leave a comment here. I want to hear your thoughts.


Whoa! That looks creepy! ^_^


I love this,it's interesting and a weird form of art.I first saw them in a scary movie a while ago.The movie was about a house that was haunted and a unhappily married rich guy rents the house for his spoiled wife's birthday party,god i can't think of the name of it,arg!It might have been"House on haunted hill"anyway they used these same things in it.While neat looking they're kinda spooky(if you've seen the movie)I wonder if there are any relatives of these people around.I know they're old(the bodies)but can you think how they'd feel if they seen them?They could say to someone"Want to see my family tree?"and then take them to the exhibit,lol.Yeah i know i'm morbid,but it'd be funny!


That is really neat, I live in Arlington near Dallas,My mom and I are going to see it in a couple of weeks, my teacher went and said it was amazing.


OMG...that is sooo cool...My kids would love that..so would I...that is what sucks about living in a small town...nothing good like that here...I'll keep my fingers crossed that they will at least do it in Pittsburgh...thanks for sharing.

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