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So, If Your Were A Star Wars Character, Who Would You Be?

Me? Im this guy below!
(click on the image to take your own test)


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Wayne Federline:

OK waasup with this, I'm Boba Fett also...now my wife is laughing at me, allrighty then no play time tonight!!!


Boba Fett was a joke in the movies.
But in the books, he was a bada** who totaly redemmed himself.
He killed that pit monster thing and escaped! =)


Hahahaha.......omg...i just read it!!! IM NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL...haha.
What a funny test!!!
Thanks for sharing that one.


Hmmm I was Boba Fett to.
What the heck did Boba Fett do in star wars????


Hey James,thanks for the great stuff you do for us.I know i shouldn't admit it but i did the quiz to see which Star Wars character i was most like(i've seen 2 of the movies but i was curious)I ended up to be like Han Solo,i didn't even like him in the one i saw.By the way i didn't know about the Han Solo joke until i read it on the quiz's web-site.I love the quiz's you've had on your blog.I never end up with the one i think i should though,lol.James,you and your readers should try some other one's on that site.I did one that tell's you what type of rocker you are(i'm a bit surprised to be a"punk rocker"since i've always loved metal.Maybe my body piercings and hair colors turn out to be more punk.Keep up the great work James.Thanks,Wendy Hieter

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