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Smart Dog


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Don't know why I missed this before now, but anway aren't animals amazing, Thanks.


This was more smart dog, then funny dog.
What a nice video....all dogs are NOT dumb, I had 2 dobies who were very smart.
You can teach new tricks to a old dog to. haha
Thanks a bunch James for sharing this.

Kari Dyrdahl:

WOW! who said dogs are dumb should see this! lol

alyssa botts:

that was unreal!!!! i have laughed like that in years ...
animals r amazing somes i wonder
that they could be smarter than us!!!!

sandy mcdeane:

what a cute and smart dog! i have an akita that is very smart and just LOVE all dogs! thanks for making my day with the video!


That was just too, too cute James and such a smart dog...

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