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My Generation...


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Hmm,"all about me"not really.I should've done more before i got sick.I really hope the in law goes into remission.By the way i loved when the seniors broke the instruments.The guy who gave the finger says it all,they were making light of the video.I said that by making the joke that went off like a nuclear bomb.Sorry to those who didn't get my weird humor(except paula,lol)cause it was a joke.Some of those seniors are doing better than younger people.How about the 81 year old former Miss America who just shot out the tires on some burglers at her farm?Man i love her she held them at gunpoint till the cops came.Grandma's packing some heat!Rock on people:)

Paula O.:

"You helped,you donated". Yup. Like I said before, it's all about you. We're WAYYYYY off the subject. So good luck to ya, see ya on the other side. BYEEEEE!!! PS Do yourself a favor, and don't comment. I won't be back. See You On The Other Side.
Good song from your hero.
I'm ghostin'


Wow,who's full of bitterness?I'm not comparing myself to anyone.I hoped your in law wasn't in as much pain as me.I'm so sorry for"her"and hope that they can help with her pain.I shouldn't tell you this but i do things for charity.I've helped in the freezing rain to feed the homeless and yep,i've donated to breast cancer.Cancer's a bitch,trust me i know.I wonder in this day and age if there is anyone out there not touched by cancer.By the way i know they're people out there in more pain than me.Living everyday in pain is hell,ask your sis.Hopefully they're using the Fentynl(sp)patch for her pain.I wish"her"my best and hopefully remission.Later


Im not getting involved in this, but just remember, anything said here is public and is searchable pretty much anywhere.

Just dont let it get too out of hand.


Paula O:

How many friends do you have?? Like only the one in the mirror? Lol! You make my day too, sweetheart! Keep it comin'!

Paula O.:

Nope. Wrong. Maybe you should READ what I wrote. I didn't say a word about not careing that you are terminal. What I said if you would read it again, is that I don't care how old you are. And now you're comparing yourself to my sis in law. It's like you're saying that "noone's as sick as I am,let's compare illnesses". You need a wake up call hunne. She doesn't know how long she has, but I'll tell you one thing. For all the years I've known her, she never had a bad word to say about anyone. AND with ALL her illnesses, she still smiles. Bald, no breast's AND yeah,in pain every waking hour of every waking day. Oh, and by the by, THAT'S only touching the surface of what she's going through. And again, no, I did knock the elderly. Read, and reread.
La8er. Chao


Hey Paula,i never saw the response about your sis-in-law.Yep,you did knock the terminally ill, hun.I thought you read my comments cause your so up in arms.I stated long ago about my condition.You need to go back and read cause i'm on borrowed time!I don't care if you believe me cause karma's a witch,babe.I go through agony every single day and druggies like you're Keith Richards wouldn't know pain cause they're always high.Ozzy was a huge druggie and i love him but the drug stuff,nope.I hope your sis-in-law isn't in as much pain as me.I hope she's getting the care she needs and deserves.I try 2 live each day as it's my last cause i can't be sure of MY last day.By the way you did know i was terminal cause you said you didn't care how old or how long i had.Now tell me who's the nasty one?You did knock the dying and now you're back pedalling.It's cool cause i don't need your sympathy.You say i'm bitter you bet your ass i am!It's funny that my making a joke has spawned your hatred dude.It's all good though,good luck to your in law.Until next time...cause i'm sure you're not done yet,lol.:O)


To Paula,love you to babe,hehehe!You don't have to believe me but it's the truth.Thanks for the laughs!With everything i go through it's people like you that keep me going honey!With all the time and energy you waste on me you good put it to good use and actually help someone.You've made my day!Peace out

Paula O.:

Oh, PS
I think you met your match as far as "jerkin' chains" goes.

Paula O:

Yo Wendy:
Where is it that I'M knocking the terminally ill ??? I have a sister in law who's terminally ill. AND don't tell me about working for the elderly. Hunne, I've been doing it since '92. And I love the job. The good, bad, and ugly parts of it. Please get off your high horse. Seems to me that you're bitter at the whole world. "Live one day as if it's your last". Great words. Why don't you start by practicing what you preach. Too bad you do't know my sis in law... she can give you some pointers on that subject. Then again, you'd probably make a joke out of her too.


To Paula,you really like knocking the terminally ill don't you?Hey you didn't hurt my feelings honey sorry.I started volunteering at a nursing home at age 12.My mom was working full time trying to support 4 young kids alone.At 13 i was working the graveyard shift and going to junior high school.I had to lie about my age to work,they thought i was 16.When i was 13 i had to prepare my first dead body for the mortician to pick up.It was surreal to say the least but if it doesn't kill you it'll make you stronger!dude,not everyone is going to get older you know?!Paula,if you really care for the elderly go volunteer to work in a nursing home from 11pm-7am,change a few hundred wet and dirty beds.I'd rather laugh than cry and i've got a sense of humor.I made a Keith Richards joke and people got mad but what i said about his past is true.I'm a huge Ozzy Osbourne fan and he's gotten older and i joke that one day my god;Ozzy will do a concert using a walker.After my jokes about their tour i said it's okay to slam me cause it's a free country.You want to know what's funny?You're judging me for a joke and then you're turning around and doing the same thing,lol.There is a difference i made light of them and you're condemming the terminal.It's all good dude.Live you're life like each days your last(you never know)Peace out:O)

Paula O.:

To Wendy...
Wow! You really like knocking the elderly,don't you? You only have a # of years left, don't know how old you are,and don't care. BUT everyone is going to get old someday. I commend those people. They ALL have very young hearts.

Paula O.:

I thought that was pretty cool. You go guys (and gals)!!


Yeah, sooner or later this was going to happen, who says only in america, this sounds like merry old england! I think Mic would have been proud. They don't call it merry for nothing. Glad to see such fun coming from the elderly, I mean we all have a kid in us no matter what age, right!


Yep you're right,i do wish i had their money!I've never been to a Stones concert.A lot of my fav's are older now too.I've seen Van Halen in the 80's and Eddie's had to have his hip replaced.Ozzy Osbourne is my god and trust me i've seen in concert many times.Ozzy isn't as spry as he used to be(i'm not counting the atv accident)and i'll see him any chance i can get.One day at a Ozzfest he'll probably use a walker but i'll still be there.Keep it coming guys,i love it:)

Ellen K:

They look like they had a blast making that.


Have you ever gone to a Rolling Stones concert? Mic is running arould like a 25 year old. Better than lots of younger kid singers now. LOL You wish you were as young in spirit and can get just a little of the money they have. No carehomes for them but we will all get older so don't hold your breath. They can show you how to be young. One of the best shows out there today.


Guys, it's called humor.I think Keith Richards has been chemicaly preserved.He has been one of the biggest drug addicts in rock n roll history.As for being as alive as Keith yep i joke.I won't live as long as Keith cause my doctors have given me certain number of years left.I'm done crying so i make jokes.I used to work in nursing homes and private care with geriatrics and i put in years of volunteer work with them as well,did you?It's easy to judge others and i'm not mad it's human nature(we just don't like to admit it tho).By the way if you want to be like Keith you're gonna need a dime bag and a good lawyer,lol.It's true.Hey you don't have to like me but we all can post comments;good,bad,or funny.Now get off of your high horse's and go volunteer at a nursing home and change the wet and dirty beds.Bye...for now

Sandi D:

That was so good.I bet they had alot of fun.. So remember when we are that age to have a little fun.. LOL


This is my generation and I'm proud of all the things my generation has done..keep up grannys and grandpaws..lolol you make we oldies proud...from woodstock to this...a change but welcomed also..hahahah have a good day world...


A response to "Wendy":
heY; I hope I am as ALIVE as Mr. Keith Richards when I am his age..ALL He has been through in Life..Glad U got a Laugh on some one else's pain..
The GREATEST ROCK 'n ROLL 'n R&B Band eVer!.."The Rolling Stones"


As someone who is just before that generation, but watching my own parents, that are that age. I loved this! I am so tired of this generation being abused, and forgotten. I work with 2 ladies that are this generation, and they put some of the "kids" to shame! We all forget, that we all will be, this age some day, sooner than we expect! So don't dish out what you can't take, later!


I think i saw Keith Richards in there,lol!It must have been a Poli-dent day.The requests for their dressing rooms would be great,lol.They need drugs;nitro glycerin,blood pressure meds,and Viagra(gotta keep UP with the groupies)!Depend diapers in all sizes.Soft low sodium foods.Instead of a limo they use ambulances.Mic stands hold their iv's.Crash cart on site.Somebody stop me,lol!


i think it was great they all lokked like they were havein a great time!!!


i think it was great they all lokked like they were havein a great time!!!

Mike P:


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