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Im Gonna Kick His...

Im sorry, but this is just too cute....

Little Girls and Monsters !!

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I love this video it is so cute kids will say almost anything.i have watched it 3 or 4 times .I love it we need more funny things like that.

I agree, James. The little girl was corrected & as a mother of 3 I find this funny. The first time it happens you laugh, then you correct it. That's just how it works. Thanks for the list.

Robin Loechner:

OH..here we go again...people take a cute innocent child and they say how WRONG the video is...GIVE ME A BREAK...In light of recent events in the world...this is the FUNNIEST thing I have seen. Kids say these things..and don't end up being killers...IT WAS FUNNY PEOPLE...and this coming from a mother of five!!! Keep up the good work James.

Michelle Vega:

Where is the video?!?!?!?
It was the highlight of my day to watch this. Please put it back on!!!!!!!

Donnie J.:



haha, nice!!

Tarri Bryson:

Thats cute but I got a nicer one!when my bro was little my parents brought him to church, well he fidgetted and kept looking around, and asked my mom where we were, my mother replied in God's house, well he sat still for a minute, then stood up on the pew and hollered HI GOD HOW THE HECK ARE U? at the top of his lungs! well my poor mother almost fell off HER pew! the whole church laughed! but my mom ws mortified!

Doris Branch:

Although we do need to stop and think about what we teach our kids this is cute. My 4 yr old calls people a butt fungus when he is playing, we all thought it so cute tell he said it in public the cashier thought it funny as well but when I heard my beautiful baby saying butt fungus I had to stop him


hahaha, thank you!


It didn't work for me but i seen it on Ellen Degenerous.I thought it was funny too.Hey guys don't judge she did correct the child.If the worst thing in life your kid does is say"ass"then count your blessings!When my nephew was about two and a half i took him with me to a video store and he played in the little section set up for kids.It had tous,lego,and cars in it and i was watching him while his mom(my ex-sister in law)walked around.She never watched the kids so was always there.As my precious little nephew played another little boy came over and started playing too.They were so cute together then"IT"happened.My nephew got angry with the other kid and yelled loudly"FU**"!Wow the store seemed to stop in it's tracks and stare at me.I said to my nephew in a sweet tone"No sweetie,it's not a TRUCK it's a car"to try to cover his curse word.The kids dad came over and said"what a bad mother you are to let your child talk like that"I said"he has a lisp"he didn't though.He picked up his boy and walked away and i'm standing there holding my nephew trying to look innocent(i didn't curse back then)when my sweet nephew yelled it again fu**!I told him not to say bad words but i was really just trying not to laugh at a bad situtation.What can you do at that point?I took him out of the store put him into his carseat and stood outside the car and laughed at the whole stupid,sad event.Ten years later and he's a well adjusted 13 year old with good grades and it didn't lead him to be a serial killer.Live and learn guys who were so upset by the bad word!


Except for the kick my a**, it was hard to understand. I know when I was that age if I said that my Mom would not laugh at all. Just one look from her and you knew it was the wrong thing to say.


It won't even play for me!


With everything else going on in the world, the care level on this is extremely low.

The girl is with her mom, she is 3 years old, and she was corrected for it.

That was just 30 seconds of a clip.

I have kids myself....if they do (or say) something wrong, they get corrected as well.


I just didn't think it wasn't cute at all. What is this world coming to. some people think it's cute to let children (or teach) children to use profanity. This is a shame. sandy from Alabama


what is this suppose to do?
it does not do anything but come up with a little face

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