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How Totally 80's Are You?

Me....I'm a New Waver. Ugh!

Click on the image to take your own test.

Find out how totally 80's are you at LiquidGeneration!


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I never had hair like that either, but I did have some awesome black parachute pants and a walkman! =)


Oh....said i was a 'HOMEBOY'........haha.
Sure didnt sound like me......haha...loved my music.....but sure didnt break dance!!!!
Not sure if this test was accurate.


Thank god i finally agree with a fun quiz,lol.I'm a Metal Head!Tell me something i don't know.I must admit i had a very bad hair color accident in the 80's.While coloring my hair i didn't bother to read all the directions and just kinda threw it on my hair then i went and sat out in the sun(to help it along of course)I knew from past experience's that you leave it on 30 - 45 minutes but decided to leave it on extra so it'd take good.Hey i didn't say i was smart in my teens,lol.When i washed it out my hair was orange and various other colors.So i had a orangish,spiked,mohawk.I had people saying i must be a huge Cyndi Lauper fan to color my hair like that.I'm still a metal head all these years later but when people thought i was a Lauper fan,oohhh that smarted,lol.I think my metal status dropped a little on that one.

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