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Dino Workshop


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Mary Haught:

Wow truely awsome, those guys are really talented to be able to bring something like to life, thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.Mary


Thanks for sharing this James....Awesome video!!!!

Candy Velkinburg:

I just wanted to tell you all in the workshop, that I am in awe! In (Dino Workshop), 1:40 sec. into the blog, the eye was the greatest design of an eye I have ever seen! If you have any left over from the show,(which I did see,and thought it was great)please send me one.
My son wants to be a Graphic Designer, and I would love to be able to show him some different fields he could go into. I know that my asking is a bit cheecking,but I hope you understand. Thank you.

Edited by James: I did not create the video, its just a random cool video. And I edited out your home address.
Dont share that personal information on public forums.


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