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Daily Survey - TestSpin

This is a letter I got from subscriber Amanda. Thanks!

Hi James!
I Love your site! I have gotten so many free samples in the mail it is just crazy. I wanted to drop a quick note about a good survey site I am a member of. I dont know if you have listed it before but I didnt see it under your survey page.
It is called TestSpin and they pay for all the surveys (once your account reaches 10.00 they send you a 10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate) I have gotten two already which is good since most survey sites pay so little or just give points that will take forever to gather enough to redeem something nice. Aparently they test products too and have focus groups but I have not received anything like that yet.
It is especially a good site for anyone who works in the IT department of their company because TestSpin sends a bunch of surveys out to those people and they pay up to $6.00 for those I have seen! (too bad I never qualify for that!)
They do send quite a few survey's though, I think it is worth others checking it out

Thanks for your newsletter!




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