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Daily Survey - Harris Interactive

This is from subscriber Deborah....

Harris Interactive sent me a very nice Brand New bathroom scale and body tape measure to participate in a study. I did not qualify for the study but get to keep the scale and tape.
About time I got something ;)



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I clicked on link, answered all the info...it went thru.
The response was
Thank you for for the response.
So am i getting the scale and measuring tape???


hahaha, I believe it.

Michelle Crowder:

I am getting the scale and tape measure also. Someone called me yesterday because they were sending it by UPS, but they did not have my city, for some reason. They had my zip code and state, though. You know, with all the simple ways to find a city by zip code on the internet, it AMAZES me why someone would waste their and my time.

She left me a message at 11:44AM, and I called her back at 3:35PM. She said, "I am SO glad you called back, we were having trouble finding your city. We have EVERYTHING else, including your zip code, but can't find your city."

I googled 87105 and found my city in about 6 seconds. Need I say more?!?!?!?

Linda White:

I recieved the scale and tape measure too and will be surveyed monthly to weigh and measure myself! Got 1000 points to my account for the first survey, that is REAL good! It is an excellent scales too! Very nice and probably expensive!

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