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Daily Survey - Actually, Product Tester - Kyocera

This is from Kyocera (the maker of cellphones)

Become a Product Evaluator

What is the Consumer Test Program all about?

The Consumer Test process is comparable to "pre-screening" a movie before it hits the public. The only difference is that we're evaluating an electronic device before we manufacture it. During the trial, participants take the product home to use for a few weeks. All we ask is for you (the participant) to provide feedback on both functionality and form.

Product testing is very important and we value your input. Your participation will influence what types of products and features are developed in the future! We're always looking to increase customer satisfaction by refining our products to meet consumer needs, tastes, and desires.

What type of products will be tested?
The products to be evaluated can range from hand held cellular or PCS phones, to fixed, desktop-style cellular/PCS phones, or other wireless data products for personal computers, etc.

How does the testing work?
If chosen, you will attend an informative orientation where you will learn about the product to be tested, as well as the terms and duration of the test. You will be given the product to use for a few weeks. During that time, you will be asked to report any problems or thoughts to us by phone, Internet, fax or e-mail. When the test period concludes, you will return the product, fill out a survey and have a chance to openly discuss your perceptions.

What do YOU get out of the test?
Testing is a fun and inexpensive way to experience the latest (and we think greatest) upcoming products. All tests are voluntary and all information is strictly confidential. Additional incentives may be offered depending on the product, including the possibility of being able to keep the product.



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