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When the game started, it was 70 degrees. By the time this pic was taken, it had dropped to like 45!

It was awesome though. Thank you again Vincette.



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That looks like one for the ol' family scrapbook! ...

"A day at the game with good old Dad!"

I'm sure it's going to be a fond memory for your boy!

Nice to see you spending time with your son!

Hope you enjoyed the day!


Hmmmm does this mean you are a CUBS FAN???? haha.
I bet you were cold that day...what a fast temp drop.
Glad you and your boy enjoyed this day!!!


Its a local contest for the chicago area, or I guess wherever they sell Old Style beer.

james dooley:

what's the deal on entering 'old style' codes? when and where?


Your son is cute. I have a grandson, he is twelve. I love spending time with him.


Brings back memories - my dad & I went to many, many White Sox games at Comiskey Park (we lived on the south side). Those were the times I remember to this day! Make lots of memories for your handsome young son!! He will remember them always! Thanks for what you do to make us all winners!!!

Carol-Annette Borges:

SOOOOOO Glad that you had a Chance to Enjoy a Baseball Game WITH your Son. I CAN ASSURE you that IT IS SOMETHING that HE WILL ALWAYS Remember for the REST of HIS LIFE as Spending this Quality time WITH HIS Dad IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT thing in a YOUNG Persons life IRREGARDLESS of the Activity that you CHOOSE to do WITH HIM(AND FOR HIM)!!!!!!


Great pic and cute little guy.Seems like he is really enjoying himseld.Make lots of memories!!
Thanks for all that you do for all of us.

Mary Haught:

That's a really good picture, but I bet it will make an even better memory.Make lots of them life is short.
Have a great day.


We still LOVE those cubs! Yes it was burrrrrr cold! Great pic, your handsome son makes you look great James! hahahaha - Just kidding! :-)


I know what you mean about the weather lately...we went to the Pirates home opener in Pittsburgh last week...in winter coats...lol...and we couldn't even go to the game this past Sunday...the whole weekend was postponed due to the weather! Hope you had a good time though!

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