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An email I got today...

Hello James,

I have a freebie for you if you are interested. I am giving away ($10) gift cards for the first 100 people to come to my web site. The gift cards have to be used on my site but I am sure there will be something everybody will want. I will be giving away 100 gift cards each month. I am also giving away $25 gift cards to anyone that spends over $100. From time to time there will be other offers for free as well so just keep checking back. So if you or anyone else would like one then just go to my site and click on the email address at the bottom. In the subject line just type "gift card" along with your name in the email. To get to my web site just click on the link www.adbursongifts.com or

copy and paste:

Thanks for your time,


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Are you still giving away the $10.00 gift card.

I just want to thank everyone that came to my site for the free gift cards.I ended up giving out over 200 cards because of the high interest. So for now I am out gift cards. Soon I will be offering more specials so keep checking back!!

Again, Thanks to all who stopped by!!


Hi James,
I just tried to get my free gift card, and a window popped up stating there is no site. :(

J.L.A. The Tub = Seek ZeaL, Seek Joy!
S.D.G. The Bud = Happy Tunes, Happy Days!

Terry Wood:

I have to try anyway,better late than never! LOL....James we still love alittle bit of snow!Your pal terribleterry_36@hotmail.com

Susan Thompson:

I am requesting a 10.00 gift card ..thank you


I just looked at their website and found this: * There is a flat fee of $10.00 for Ground Shipping on all orders less than $90.00.

That seems a bit expensive...but I guess if you find something there that you want...it at least covers shipping.



Joy Johnston:

asking for the $10.00 fre gift card. Than you so very much.


I am interested in a free gift card.


I am writing in for the free gift card. Thank you.

Shenaz Bhula:

I am writing in to request my free £10.00 gift card
Thank you

wendy hieter:

Dude i just read my e-mail and saw this one for a "free"$10.00 gift card offered.I thought"James never steers us wrong but a free gift card,hmm?"Well i did it anyway not really knowing what it's about.I mean i looked it over but didn't think it was real.After i was done sending them an e-mail i finished my mail and double checked it and i got a reply.They said i got the $10.00 gift card.Okay,i've not tried to use it yet but it seems to be on the up and up so far.I'll let you all know if it was for real when i go to redeem it.Thanks James for the great job you do for us,Wendy

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