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A Letter I JUST Got

Thank you Donna!

Hey James I got this from someone else on another site and its true my card will arrive in 2 weeks.
Free $10 Lowes Gift Card
Call 1-877-569-3740 Automated
Enter Promo Code 67251780634047370

This is verified I just called & it said I willreceive my card in approx 2 weeks....

Dont know how long this promo will last, so I thought I wouldget it out right now.

Donna SAHM and loving it.


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Karen Rousseau:

I called last week, it worked, I will use my card as well. Ther is nothing shady, Lowes is a huge company. This little bit they are putting out, will actuly do them alot of good (pr).


Thank god someone else agreed with me about the freebie!Laurie,you make me feel vindicated.Thanks


Do you see the date?

This was posted 3 days ago and thousands of people have used it successfully.

Of course it is useless now.


I called and it does not accept this code as a winning number. This is useless.

laurie minute:

hi james,

i just wanted to say that i called the number and i will also get a $10.00 lowes gift card. so we will see if this works or not.

to the person who is not for this freebie, to h e l l with them. your a stand up guy and i have always loved getting your newsletter. it it packed with useless facts, funny jokes and tons of freebies. don't judge someone you don't know.

love, laurie


I just called and was told the number did not match.

I called tonight and was told that I would get my card in a couple of weeks as well. This is great and I know my husband will love using the card.



Thanks Wendy.
I think she is just asking....not accusing anyone, so its all good =)

& those who have been around a while know that I will not knowingly tell someone to lie or try to "rip someone off" just to get a freebie.

Oh wait....I do tell everyone to use a different email address when filling out freebies and to use a different phone number....they do have your address & if they want to reach you, they can send regular mail.


I can't believe somebody is saying if we call and get the gift card that we are being unethical.I've bought things from there and didn't know about joining their mailing list to receive discounts.You say that you're hoping that you're misunderstanding and that"we"are getting these cards legitimately.Does that mean you think we are doing something shady?I know that James is not putting out shady freebiees!If you are so upset by this are you going to keep passing judgement on us?It really won't stop me from using and enjoying this great newsletter but i couldn't sit back and watch someone slam us that did the offer!I take offense by your comments!I just want you to know that"WE"enjoy this newsletter and know how hard James works for all of us.Thanks to the person who sent this information to James so we could all use it!


I tried this and it sounds like you were actually supposed to have made a purchase. We don't want to come by any freebies unethically, do we? I hope I just misunderstood and everyone is receiving these legitimately.

My husband and I are registered? with Lowes and just received a coupon for $10 off a $25 or more purchase, so we finally got a decent lamp for our dining room. So, get on Lowes' mailing list and you'll receive these great discounts anyway! : )


Thanks. I just did it at 10:20 Pm CDT and it was still good.

another wendy:

I just called for this also but I did want to point out that the message states receipt of a card UP TO $10.00, so don't be surprised if what you actually receive is less than that amount. still, all in all, probably worth the phone call....

Wayne Federline:

Yessir, I got one too, it did state up to $10.00 in purchases @ Lowes, good enough for moi!


Hey,thanks for the information on how to receive a $10.00 giftcard!I just did it and i was told i'd be getting mine in two weeks also.:O)

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