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Happy birthday

To My baby! =)

Patrick is now 7 years old today. Well, technically, February 29, but its not on the calendar, so I guess it doesnt count.

So leave comments! And email him if you want. He LOVES email!
( patrick@justfreestuff.com )

Thanks =)



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Hey there Birthday Boy..sorry this greeting to you is late but I wanted it to stand out from all the rest ! Hope you Super Seven Birthday was a great one.


Happy Birthday Patrick!!!!
Did you get everything you asked for???


Hi, Patrick. I hope you like being 7. Happy Birthday!!! You were born on a very special day that only comes every 4 years. Its refered to as leap year because february usually only has 28 days. But I think you are special, so have a good day, even if I'm late.


THIS IS ME!!!!!!!!=)


THIS IS ME!!!!!!!!=)


Hope you had a great day, with lots of friends and family there to help you celebrate.


Hi Patrick
Hope you had a GREAT Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think leap year is a Kewl Birthday date!!! Mine is in plain ole June. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) :) :)


Aww, he's so cute. That's great that he's a year older now. I hope he had a great birthday.


Don't listen to anybody if they tease you about ur birthday coming every leap yrs...... You know what little guy that means you are special person and unique and good things will come to you in the future. May God bless you and your Family....now go out there and make it good one.


Hi Patrick
Shucks - 17 or would it be 16 - hahaha- days too early - then IT would be your birthday on St. Patrick's Day! Well happy cool birthday anyway- you're sooo lucky you only get older every 4 yrs!


Happy Bithday, Patrick! Have a special day.

And now, I'll sing you a short birthday song -- clap along, k?

"This is your birthday song,
It isn't very long..."


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