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eBay Scammer

She got ripped into, and that is awesome!


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This is too funny....I love Judge Judy...watch her every day here. Some people have giant B**ls to think they can get away with this crap!


What can I say other then what everyone else has? What an attitude that creep had. You go Judge Judy !


AWESOME!! I was expecting Judge Judy to step down and whack "Kelly" a good one!!


Just as Judge Judy stated, she has to be completly outside of her mind to show up on national television after pulling a stunt like that. The sad part about it, she actually thought she could defend herself. What is the world coming to? Thanks for the post and keep up the good work.


I was waiting for Judge Judy to throw the BOOK at that scammer.dont worry she will get hers not too worry about the law, but she will stand before ALMIGHTY GOD...


What really got me was how incredibly smug she looked standing there saying the other people were the dumb ones. I think Judge Judy wanted to slap that look off the con artists' face, I know I did! I wasn't really a Judge Judy fan until today.....


That girl should go to jail! I hope the Attorney General gets her good! Get her and all the other scammers out of here!


What a fat Douche Bag!!! I would have gone after her for a lot more!!! I was laughing my butt off! I am so glad Judge Judy layed into her! She looks like a an overweight Drew Barrymore. The husband is a coward!! LOL So funny. Go Judge Judy!!!


I wish we knew the scammers screen name

I have an Ebay account and have never been scammed.
Are things getting worse on ebay?


she had the guts to argue with Judge Judy. I can't understand why these people don't have a conscience when they scam someone. That is so wrong, in the world today, it doesn't matter cause some people don't care.

Michelle Crowder:


What a bitch! I cannot believe the audacity of some of the people in this world! Hey, I'm a fairly intelligent person, and I myself will NEVER be as smart as Judge Judy. And here is this piss ant of a worthless piece of garbage thinking she is smart, trying to defend herself and her piece of crap husband! Scammers beware, what goes around comes around...just as it did in court. Now she will have Child Services and the IRS on her ASS for pulling a stunt like this, not to mention the Attorney General's office who is already breathing down her and her husband's neck! Mark my words, they will BOTH end up in prison, because what they did was immoral and unethical, but especially ILLEGAL. The children will go into foster care, and be a drain on the taxpayers. In a case such as this though, I do not mind paying taxes to get those three kids out of that environment! Shame on them and people like them. This kind of bullshit INFURIATES me! Thank you for the rant!

David Price:

Judge Judy gets the job done. You go Judge Judy


i'm new to ebay and just got scamed so i don,t think i will use it anymore but this was far worse then i culd have imadged i only got took for 2$ they got took for over 470$ people who scam don't have any idea that what they did makes it really bad for everybody else

Well, she thought she was gonna win the case! GO JUDGE JUDY!! LOL

Glenn H. Shelton III:

I love buying stuff on ebay. But people like this clueless scammer make it hard as you don't know if you are getting scammed. I have personally run across BS like this and it makes me sad.

ted golden:

This scammer was horrible and she acted as if she didn't get it.


Consumer Beware!!!
Go Judge Judy


I saw this when it appeared....I couldn't believe the ignorance of the scammer!.......she had NO remorse!.....I hope she goes to jail for a LONG time......she isn't human!

Daniel Gates:

Judge Judy for supreme court!!


This is really sad! As a fellow seller on ebay people like this make it hard enough to do business with, that you have to worry about something as low as a scammer selling what you pay for! Ebay should crack down on the scammers more then what they do instead of raising their prices every other month!


I saw this one when it was on TV. I was shocked and apalled that someone actually 'sold' pictures of the product! The nerve of some people! Go Judge Judy! Loved it! It was funny because my husband usually says she is just too mean,but he was almost cheering Judge Judy on this one!


Good for Judge Judy!! Take out the scammers and embarass them at the same time.


I love her. She tells it like it is!


Loved it get those scam artists off ebay.

Yvonne Gorniak:

Go Judge Judy!!!

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