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Raise your hand if you remember AllAdvantage.
Well, it looks like the owners are about to start up something HUGE.
Its called Agloco (it stands for "A Global Community")


I touched on this a little bit yesterday, but after spending quite
a few hours reading the pro's and con's all over the internet, I
like what I see.

You see, Alladvantage gave out hundreds of millions of dollars to its
members before they reached a membership cap and began losing money.
But after looking at their business model, this one cant fail, honestly.
And trust me, I know about advertising and business and all of that
other fun stuff. Remember my Vegas trip? It was for this sort of thing.

The way it works is this:
You sign up, install their "viewbar" (you can see samples of it on their
website), then just do as you normally do. (Its set to go live by the end
of the month).
The cool thing is you only need to keep the viewbar active for 5 hours
a month.

And oh yeah, refer people. Lots and lots of them.
Each referral you have will equal to roughly one part stock in their
company and you will be paid accordingly on a monthly basis.

Here is the signup link again:


Want to see how it works?

Or, you can just search on Youtube
and watch a bunch of different videos.

Can you tell im excited about this?
I actually think it'll work.
If not, what do we have to lose? Nothing. Only 5 minutes of signing up and referring our friends.

Oh yeah, speaking of referring, here are some sample emails you can use.
Just remember to insert your own referral link.

Sometimes Free Is Too Expensive

Subject: Sometimes free is too expensive

Ever notice on the Internet that some people are making all the money (YouTube, Google, MySpace, eBay, Skype, etc.).

As users, we usually get nothing – well I just joined AGLOCO and its sole purpose is to get its members their share of the value created on the Internet (that’s everything from search and advertising revenue to user-generated content sites).

You can check out the site to see how AGLOCO does it, but from my standpoint I just use the Internet the same as usual, and they work in the background to collect money for me.

One feature I really like is that they reward the early people who help build out the network (which is why I am sending you this email). Click on this link to go directly AGLOCO (with my member id#), and I will get credit if you sign up. http://www.agloco.com/r/agloXXXX

My advice: sign up now – invite all your friends and let's make the most of the Internet.

Join AGLOCO And Make Money From The Internet

Subject: Join AGLOCO and make money from the Internet

I just joined a new company called AGLOCO that is changing the way regular users -- like you and me -- are rewarded for their use of the Internet. Instead of just a couple people making all the money while users get nothing, AGLOCO rewards its members for using the Internet like they always do.

One feature I really like is that the early people who help build the company get greater rewards (which is why I am sending you this email). Click on this link to go directly to AGLOCO (with my member id#) and join my network http://www.agloco.com/r/agloXXXX

It's free and easy to join -- so don't miss out on this new company.

Share In The Money Being Made On The Internet

Subject: Share in the money being made on the Internet

It seems like every company on the Internet makes a couple people absurdly rich, while all the users who help build the company and make it valuable get nothing.

I just joined AGLOCO, the first company that is sharing this value with all its members. It's free and easy to join -- and even easier to use: you just use the Internet like you always do.

Best of all, those who sign up early and help build the company get more. So click here http://www.agloco.com/r/agloXXXX to sign up with my member id and tell your friends about the company.

It's a no lose opportunity that has the chance to transform the Internet -- and let us share in the value creation.

Join The Economic Network Chaning The Web

Subject: Join the economic network changing the web

I just joined AGLOCO -- the first company on the Internet that is building an economic network to share the wealth created online with its members. Like a social network such as myspace or facebook, but instead of just making friends and swapping music, the economic network is about making money for its members.

It's easy and free to join -- and even easier to use: you just use the Internet as you always have. And the members who sign up early and build a big network of friends stand to earn the most. Click on this link http://www.agloco.com/r/agloXXXX and join my network by using my member id.

Let's build a big network and see if we can make something from this.


If you haven’t yet heard about AGLOCO, you need to listen up! This new company, founded by a bunch of Stanford MBA students, is creating quite a buzz. Their slogan is ‘Own the Internet’… and that’s what it’s about: you’re getting back some of the money you generate for e-businesses just by surfing as you usually do. Skeptical? Well, here’s why I chose to join:

1) $$$ - I will earn ownership in the company (in the form of shares) and will then begin earning substantial money if this thing blows up (and I have nothing to lose if it doesn’t.)

2) Simplicity - I use the Internet just as I always have… I just get paid to do it!

3) Getting my share! - I like the idea of getting my share of all the billions of wealth being created on the Internet – even if I am not going to be a millionaire because of this.

The company has a very solid privacy structure in place, so your information won’t be shared and you won’t start receiving loads of spam. AND, you can earn for not only the time you spend on the net, but for the time your FRIENDS spend on the net. Think about it: you’re driving users to the site, so the company earns more, and you, in turn, earn more. Fair and square, right? I used the AGLOCO member calculator – I can get over 5,000 shares a month if I sign up 10 good people who recruit more new members; and, once the site has grown enough, I will start earning actual checks.

SIGN UP NOW – this is the key! Remember that you can maximize your earnings by getting referrals to the site… and YOU want to be the one referring everyone!

Here is a link to sign up – it has my ID code in it. http://www.agloco.com/r/agloXXXX.


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Thanks James I signup yesterday and already have 5 do you know how many you have signed up under you? And does it matter how many people sign-up under us?


Hey James and Everyone,

James guess what? You are in my network. You joined under my friend at smartmoneyclick.com who joined under me. So I redid my site to help all of the people in our network. I have a Q&A section, News, and best of all a referral section. There are some great referral tips for new members. I also put up a forum. Unfortunately I am the only member right now, but hopefully it will grow. Right now I stand at 464 total members so take a look at my site for referral tips.



John Linnell:

Yes I use HTML and I have a MacInstosh
(Apple) Computer.


They havent released their "viewbar" yet.
They are scheduled to anywhere between March 25 and April 15.
Thats when it will go live.


I signed up a while ago and I have yet to see a check or anything... It makeing me second guess it....? I have 13 people under me and wondering if you got paid.. and if you did how many do you have under u to get that?


Yeah, just click on "referral center" and thats your referral code.
Just copy and paste it and send to your friends.

nancy lemke:

i look forward to this free stuff every day....i enjoy the things i received and the information.

Mary Haught:

Thanks for the great tip, I joined this morning.

olene mccoy:

James, i signed up under you i think, i don'tknow how to send my referral link to someone else, dum i know, i thought i could just click on it, but you can't , do i have to paste copy and all that? thanks, omccoy

And here is an update from their company blog today.


March 8, 2007 at 3:30 pm · Filed under About AGLOCO, News & Updates

I have blogged a lot lately about Members being AGLOCO founders and how the ‘Members who stick their necks out’ will benefit from AGLOCO’s success. And we must recognize the importance of these efforts. But EVERY Member needs to be able to share in the advantages AGLOCO has to offer. Without delivering on that promise, AGLOCO would fail.

I have seen talk about this for some time now, and I addressed one aspect of this in a previous blog post. Still, the overall value proposition for the “average” Member without any referrals goes back to what I had written before: “You have Viewbar on screen, we pay you for it.”

So, if a Member just wants to be a Member and not recruit new Members (and frankly, 80% to 90% will not), why should they join AGLOCO?

As some Members have also pointed out, I believe the answer to is that AGLOCO’s Membership benefits need to far outweigh any costs.

The key benefits a regular Member will get are a modest but steady financial payout and a functional toolbar that will be useful while browsing the Internet. Compared to what a Member with 2,000 referrals will get if AGLOCO succeeds, this may not seem like much. Some financial payout is still ‘infinitely’ more than these Members get with a Google or Yahoo toolbar, and over time the Viewbar and the AGLOCO website will become a community building forum with useful functionally.

Since AGLOCO Membership and Viewbar software is free, what cost is there?

Signing up takes less than two minutes, the Viewbar download is a one-time install process (updates will be processed automatically … more on that later), the Viewbar uses a small section of space at the bottom of the screen and the current limit of 5 hours of browsing each month is accrued passively while the Viewbar is active on the desktop. AGLOCO only has once a month Member update emails, so overall the ‘cost’ of AGLOCO has been kept very low.

Are there risks? AGLOCO could fail and this small effort could be wasted. But Member privacy is absolutely secure, and there is little else the Member is putting out there to be ‘risked’. Thus, I’d have to say that the risk is also small.

At AGLOCO, we are constantly thinking of the ‘regular’ Member. While we count on the incentives we provide to builders in order to grow the network, without a sound value proposition to ALL Members, surely the company will fail.

Viewbar Update: Our lead tech development engineer is still in Shanghai with the Viewbar team (now seven engineers). Cutting to the point, the current release date is now between 18 and 39 days from today (between Monday March 26th and Monday April 16th). I am told this is all a function of the QA testing results.

There has been a lot of blog discussion related to the technical specifications of the website, and the ‘comments’ section to the last post has acted as a forum for us to hear, respond to, and learn from Member feedback. Thanks to all those who shared their thoughts, both positive and constructive.

Brian Greenwald
AGLOCO Development Team

I already got a few questions about this.....
Now remember, these are just my assumptions.

Is this spyware of any type????? If NO BODY joins under you, Do u
still make money?

no, its not spyware, im 99.9% sure.
spyware is such a hot subject right now & it it were, it would be known already & no one would support it.
(actually, spyware is illegal in certain states)

So just having this veiw bar makes u money and how do they pay??

yes........theres a 5 hour maximum cap right now. I dont know the exact rate of pay, but lets say its 50 cents per hour. (thats what alladvantage used to pay)
and im assuming the hours of usage will go up every month.

And how often do u get a check?

they pay by check and its usually monthly.

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