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This is from about a year ago, but so what, I still wanted to share it.
This is my buddy Patti....sorry Patti! =)
She won a mini van from the Simple Green contest!



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There are differences between freebies, "step 2" offers, and contests.

Contests are here


Since when do you have to sign up for stuff just to win? Everytime I want to win something I have to fill out junk and agree to subscribe to something. Are there any contest where you dont have to sign your life away??


That is awesome!
congrats and thannk you!!!

Cynthia Colench:

Hi James.
I just won on the Gatorade NBA instant win. I am sure my grandson will be happy. I won a Gatorade basketball,Towel, sports cup, an full size poster. He will be delited. But I told him its mine and we have to share lol. :-) Thanks James for all your hard work. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I have won so much I can count. And not countin sample..that the girls all liked for Christmas. There men were takin things out there pks. lol. Maybe next yr. I wont just do for the girls I will do for the guys lol. Thanks James....Cindy


If it's a big win, it requires tax info that has to be notarized. If it's a smaller win but still good size (dollar amount), it requires a signature upon delivery (I've gotten one of those). If it's a little win, they just send it (I've gotten that too). 99.9% of the email that says you are a winner lies. And the .1% that is real will be followed up by other communication.


usually a phone call or something would be sent to your house.
companies are well aware how unreliable email delivery is now a days. (because of all of ther spam filters)

and Skip....none.
I would be here..


Hay James .. which one is you??


How can you tell if you really won an item? Most of the email we receive back is junk, so I a think I would easily discard a "You are a Winner" email as another one of those, fill out this form and do 40 things to enter for a chance to win. Thanks for any advice.

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