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someone got glasses today

This is my daughter Ione (pronounced I-Owe-Knee)
this pic was taken 5 minutes ago.
And yes, shes 13.......going to start high school next year. Ugh!!!!!!



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And I thought Ione got some special deal that I missed out on...I just got glasses too ('though my kids are almost old enough to leave home!) but I didn't get the "red eye special!" Maybe that was really Dad's way of disguising her from all those guys people were warning about? : )

What does Ione mean? It IS a pretty name for a beautiful girl! : )

Robin Loechner:

Very pretty girl...I am feeling you on the "starting high school" thing...I have a 13 yr. old myself...but mines pretty mouthy...she looks like a good girl...She even looks cute in the glasses though so keep your shotgun loaded!!!

Ava Crutchfield:

My 13 yr old son said she is a hottie, a babe, a definite looker. lol
Luckily I live in the bootheel of missouri so dont worry James. lol

tina meckle:

your daughter is sure a cutie! her glasses are cute too, i have worn them myself since i was in 4th grade, at that time they were not stylish,so i got picked on alot, guess thats where i get my good humor from, ha ha.. good luck in high school,only a few more years to go..


Hey James,
Your daughter Ione is nice looking young lady.
13 and going on 30???? haha


She reminds me of me (except that I have brown hair). I also wear red glasses like that (abd braces) and I'm in the eightht grade! ^_^


Ione,I love your glasses and I've worn glasses forever and believe me they're a great fashion statement.Their fun to change as you do so many styles.With a beautiful face like yours you can wear any frame shape.You go girl,have fun,but study.

Laurie J:

She is very pretty James, your gonna have to start chasing the boys away!!

Virginia Barbagallo:

She is too cute! Have fun in high school.


I love the glasses- James I know you won't want to hear this but... she looks older than 13 with them! Good luck Ione - and I love your name.


What a beautiful, young woman, she looks like you I think.

Dawn Breisch:

WHAT a beautiful girl. Too bad Dad for got to rid her of the red eye??? L.O.L. Just kidding Good Luck in High School...what fun it will be!

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