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This is a letter I just got. It looks prety legit. I just signed up for it myself.

Hey James, just thought I's let you know about this, http://paypal.promotionexpert.com/greatshopping/signup/200702/email_s.html?route=email.s
It is a $15 cash rebate from pay pal when you make a purchase over $30 using them.If you buy something for $30 It's just like getting half off!!
The catch is that you have to spend $30 at any store accepting pay pal (like eBay) and you must register your paypal e-mail address on the above site.



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Jean Knipe:

I have had so many problems with paypal and i keep getting e mails asking for my personal information that when i forward them to the spoof@paypal they always reply that it is a fake and then i forward a letter from then to spoof and got the same reply they can keep my 10.00 i want nothing more to do with them.
problem is i keep getting an email stating that my dell computer has been paid for but they need my info, 1. i never bought a computer on line
2. it isnt my name.
but so far that is as far as it goes

I am a loyal paypal user and LOVE the convenience. I have never had any problems with them. ANYWAYS, I just wanted to let you know that they ran this promo during christmas and it was for 20.00 and I got my rebate about a week after christmas. They do follow through. :)


What a beautiful, young woman; she looks like you I think.

Glenn Scott:

I have had trouble with paypal from the first day I tried to use it.
They have owed me money for more than five years and will not pay.
Whenever I have asked for my money they want me to send them my bank records for the past three months. Doesn't sound like an up and up company does it.

Yes, that's legit. I must add however, I no longer trust Paypal. Their user agreements/policies are horrible for users and they can do what they please with your account as they are not governed by Bank Laws. Just be a little careful. ;-) Other than that, the $15.00 rocks!

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