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Oh britney......


I know, its not a celeb blog, but I think she looks cute. Not that she has any impact on me or vice versa.

So what do you think?



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If that's what floats her boat...
Although...she has been seen many more times wearing a wig rather than her baldness since she did this...what do ya think? Does she regret it? Probably so.


It's not about a hairstyle. That's not what she was doing when she did it.She's still a scared little girl inside that grew up way 2 quick. Now her world is spinning out of control and she's calling for HELP!!!!!!!

Ruthann Swisher:

She looks like a certain Irish chick. She could be Sinead O'spears. or Brittany O'conner. The doo I got is the one I want. She looks better than some sheep.

rosmary haycock:

i think if any one has ever done any thing there not proud of and how it made u feel, because people point fingers are just not happy with there own lives . i think a lot of people need to start a site BACKSTBBERS ,COMsee how they feel

Cheryl Smith:

Zoloft works for me.

Donnie J.:

I think it all has to do with her next album,,it,s free publicity,saving her thousands of dollars.she really is ugly with out hair,grow it back.


I think she's just a scared little girl who has no one she really trusts so she's trying to fix her life by herself.

She's trying to start over...New hair, New look, New me. Someone needs to take her and hug her and tell her everything is going to be ok and then show her how to make all the wrong right.

Daniel J Kieffer:

I never brought any of her records, and now I know why.


OMG!!! She sure wasnt thinking, but when does she think. She had made so many mistakes lately, just another to add to her list of wrongful doings!
She does NOT look good BALD. Her head is not shaped nice and her ears stick out to far.
Bad choice of STYLE.


C'mon, people! Don't we have anything better to do than figure out whether Britney or any celeb is cool or crazy or criminal or whatever? Like all of us she needs decent friends to help her stay sane or return to sanity, not see what they can get from her...whether something to gossip about or an autographed photo or a reason to feel better about OURSELVES by comparing to her, etc. If we aren't going to take the time personally to encourage her in a good direction, then maybe we ought just to look in the mirror and consider what kind of role model WE are being to the people who are listening to and watching US. Let's be better than those ole tree-wasting, reputation-blasting,hypocritical tabloids, eh? Let's not flaunt our freedom of speech but honor it with dignity!


Angela Teeter:

For a person who is always complaining that the media never leaves her alone, she doesn't seem to be helping her case very much now is she?


Oldman: I've always said that if I got a tattoo I'd get a watch put on my wrist, just so, when people ask "what time is it?" I could respond "25 or 6 to 4"


most people don't get it, because I hang out with people who are wayyyyyyyy too young


as for brit -- of all the stupid things she's done, this one is big. it will grow back, but geeze.....

maybe not as stupid as drugs or drinking or what have you....but geeze....

unfortunately, my 6 year old son figured out how to post comments on here.
This shall be interesting.


this picture is dumb!!!!britney looks dumb

She's switching genres. She's going punk.

Theresa Morin:

I heard she recently entered and then checked out of rehab, was this her way of "cleansing" herself? I think she kinda looks like a guy. She definitely can't pull it off like Demi Moore.

Yeah, she has tattoos of LIPS on her WRISTS.
umm........... and they are tiny too.

why do it in the first place.

edward schwarzmann:

ALIEN 4???


Taking a line from Chicago's '25 or 6 to 4' ..

Sandi Davidow:

She looks like a guy..


She looks like something from Star Trek! LOL

Kelley Preston:

Kinda of cold for winter, dont ya think.. Did you check out her new tattoos


Well it is definetly, a different look for her, and after all it is only hair; if she chooses she can always regrow it, but yeah, she looks fine.

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